A pro-Trump teacher who wanted to ‘bring back slavery’ is put on leave AGAIN after more racist comments

  • 12/23/2019 10:07 am ET Sunny Hundal
A pro-Trump teacher who wanted to 'bring back slavery' put on leave AGAIN after more racist comments

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Last month a teacher in Palmdale, CA, was placed on leave after students accused her of making racist comments and saying the President was right to build a wall on the southern border.

Now, the same teacher who said she wanted to “bring back slavery,” has been put on administrative leave again after returning to class. Students said she had started making similar comments once again.

Students told the local ABC affiliate:

“She says we don’t belong in this country. She would say that we would use the government for welfare and food stamps, we would take white people’s jobs,” student Yaretzy Martinez said.

The students from Sage Academy Magnet School were already in uproar after the teacher was allowed to come back to class so soon after an internal investigation.

‘Racial in nature’

According to the LA Times, Palmdale School District hired an independent investigator to look into the initial controversy in October and the teacher returned to school a week ago, on December 13th.

Soon after, the school heard from parents that the teacher had yet again made inappropriate comments. Ryan Beardsley from the school district said the new comments were also ‘racial in nature’.

One student, Miguel Gonzales, said the teacher failed him even though he completed all class assignments.

A 13-year-old told the LA Times:

“I didn’t want to go to my teacher’s class that would talk bad about Hispanics… I feel like she has no right to talk bad about our race.”

Students told the reporter the teacher’s classroom was covered in Trump memorabilia.

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