Instagram slams Trump for partying with convicted war criminal Navy Seal at Mar-A-Lago

  • 12/24/2019 7:02 am ET Sneha Konda
Instagram slams Trump for partying with convicted war criminal Navy Seal at Mar-A-Lago

Screenshot / Instagram

The President was partying with a war criminal over the weekend.

According to a Guardian report, the Trump’s Christmas/Hanukkah bash at Mar-A-Lago over the weekend saw Eddie Gallagher—the pardoned navy seal—on the guest list.

Chief petty officer Eddie Gallagher posted eight pictures of him, his wife, POTUS and FLOTUS on Instagram from the celebratory night.

The photo carousel’s caption read, “Finally got to thank the President and his amazing wife by giving them a little gift from Eddie’s deployment to Mosul.”

Screenshot / Instagram

The officer in his 40s, nicknamed “Blade,” was charged with 10 offenses under the Uniform Code of Military Justice in 2018.

These allegations included stabbing an injured Iraqi to death, sedating a teenage ISIS prisoner, photographing (and broadcasting) himself holding a dead child’s head, and “randomly” shooting two Iraqi civilians.

He had reportedly also emailed the photo of him holding the dead teenager’s head to his friends. In the email, he wrote, “Good story behind this, got him with my hunting knife,” according to The Guardian.

Gallagher was acquitted of all charges except for “posing for inappropriate photos with the dead captive.” He received a demotion from Chief Petty Officer to Petty Officer First Class. Trump then controversially stepped in much to the chagrin of military leaders and reinstated Gallagher’s rank.

He even tweeted saying, “The Navy will NOT be taking away War Fighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s Trident pin. The case was handled very badly from the beginning.”

As the president, Trump’s order prevailed. A spokesman for the Navy, Rear Adm. Charlie Brown told Daily Kos, “The Navy follows the lawful orders of the President.”

Gallagher retired as a Seal from service. He now continues to pocket $200,000 in pension that he would not have received had the president not promoted him.

Seeing the war criminal yucking it up with POTUS did not sit well with a lot of social media users. Instagram and Twitter was awash with posts trashing Trump’s decision to add Gallagher to the guest list. The Gallaghers made their Instagram account private on Tuesday after the backlash started.

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