Want to take 4 million assault weapons off the streets? Start a buyback program as good as New Zealand’s!

  • 12/24/2019 10:58 am ET Sunny Hundal
New Zealand hails success of its 'unprecedented' gun buyback programme

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New Zealand’s government hailed the success of its ban on assault weapons and a buy-back program, put in place after the Christchurch massacre in March 2019.

The country’s police chief said the country would be safer after over 60,000 banned assault weapons were handed in.

Its lawmakers voted to ban the most lethal types of semi-automatic weapons less than a month after the massacre.

In a statement its Minister of Police said:

“When we started the buy-back and amnesty we had one objective, to make our country a safer place. We focused on the type of assault rifles, high-capacity firearms and military style semi-automatics used in the terror attack forty weeks ago, on 15 March.”

“We are now moving to the next phase, to ensure firearms cannot fall into the wrong hands. This is the objective of the proposed gun register and tighter licensing system. We are not done with efforts to remove unlawful firearms from circulation.”

Police minister Stuart Nash also said criminals would find it harder to access assault weapons now since they usually stole them from lawful owners.

He said the gun buy-back program was, “unprecedented in New Zealand history”.

Just 4.8 million people live in New Zealand, which means if we had a similarly effective program in America, we could bring in some 4 million assault weapon.

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