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‘Shared psychosis’: Yale psychiatrist slams Trump’s GOP enablers

12/28/2019 1:08 pm ET
‘Shared psychosis’: Yale psychiatrist evaluates Trump supporters

Credit: Vox

President Trump is exhibiting all the behaviors of someone who is mentally ill, says Yale professor Bandy X. Lee.

The president of the World Mental Health Coalition, Lee said in an interview with Salon that Trump was “highly unwell,” based on his letter sent to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. “A truly sick person will be unable to show any tolerance of ambiguity, doubt or flexibility in thinking,” she said. His words indicated two classic symptoms: denial and projection.

Law professor Jonathan Turley, who argued that Trump should not be impeached, suffered from “shared psychosis,” said Lee. She explained, “‘Shared psychosis’ is a phenomenon which happens in households or in nations when a sick person goes untreated and healthy members are in close contact.” Those close to Trump or who enable him would have some of that psychosis.

She said that the psychosis would disappear when the affected person was removed from the public and the media. This also explained the “binary split” in the country, since the unaffected persons would be “repelled” by the condition.

Lee wondered if Trump was not lying, but rather “paranoid and delusional.” She said that his condition was at “pathological levels.”

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