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Twitter savages Trump for retweeting meme saying Jesus favors him over Obama

12/28/2019 11:58 am ET
Twitter mocks Trump for retweeting meme saying Jesus favors him over Obama

Credit: ABC News

Trump found and retweeted a tweet from two years ago with a meme claiming that Jesus liked Trump more than Obama.

The tweet, which was originally posted by a Trump follower on January 24, 2018, called Trump “heaven-sent.” It also said, “There’s so much to be thankful for regarding our POTUS Trump!” The user attached a meme of Jesus saying, “(Obama) kicked me out. (Trump) invited me back.”

Trump found it and retweeted it, responding with a “Thank you!”

But even the Christians are skeptical of Trump’s character. An op-ed from Christianity Today slammed Trump as someone with a “bent and broken character.”

A former Evangelical pastor, Joshua Harris, said that the movement’s connection with Trump was “incredibly damaging to the Gospel. And to the church.”

Rev. Jim Wallis wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times: “Racial bigotry is a deal breaker for the Gospel. White nationalism, which Donald Trump embraces and champions, isn’t just racist — it’s anti-Christ. Dehumanizing immigrants isn’t just racist — it’s anti-Christ. Demeaning women isn’t just sexist — it’s anti-Christ.”

This isn’t the first time Trump followers compared him to Jesus. Rep. Barry Loudermilk compared Trump to Jesus in his speech before the impeachment vote. He said, “Before you take this historic vote today, one week before Christmas, keep this in mind. When Jesus was falsely accused of treason, Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the opportunity to face his accusers.”

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