New poll finds Trump sycophant Susan Collins ‘is now the most unpopular senator in the country’!

GOP Senator Susan Collins alarmed as poll shows vote for Kavanaugh could sink her career

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has long played on her reputation as a moderate and bipartisan public official.

But as she has latched on to Trump to protect her own seat, she has started to lose independents and Democrats who previously supported her.

Most unpopular senator

A new tracking poll by Morning Consult has found that the Maine Senator “is now the most unpopular senator in the country”—displacing Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell.

Collins has a 52% disapproval rating against a 42% approval rating.

Imagine how bad you have to be to be more unpopular than Moscow Mitch! The House Majority leader registered 37% approval and 50% disapproval in his state of Kentucky.

Collins had already lost credibility for going along with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh last year.

As Front Page Live predicted in 2019, going along with Trump on impeachment has cost her more support.

Collins has told reporters she took her role as a prospective juror seriously, but hasn’t called for any witnesses for Trump’s trial, and rubber-stamped Moscow Mitch’s agenda.

And it may very well cost her the senate seat.

Morning Consult also says the GOP’s unwillingness to take impeachment seriously is hurting them with independent voters.

All five of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans head into the trial with voters in their states either souring on their job performance or with perceptions of the president threatening to pull them further down.

They only have themselves to blame.

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