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‘Disastrous’ new polls reveal voters are souring on Trump and want him removed from office

01/21/2020 11:50 am ET Sunny Hundal

“Disastrous” new poll numbers for Trump have just come out.

In the first poll of 2020, an astounding 38% of voters—nearly 4 in 10 voters—give him a grade ‘F’ for his job performance, a historically high number given the relatively stable state of the economy.

This Morning Consult survey of 1,996 registered voters for Politico found another 11% gave him a D. Only 21% gave him an ‘A’ grade!

A second survey finds that most Americans believe President Trump is encouraging foreign interference in U.S. elections.

Finally, a new CNN survey out on Tuesday finds that 51% of American voters think the Senate should vote to convict Trump and remove him from office.

More bad news for Trump

The CNN survey also found

  • Seven in 10 Americans say the upcoming Senate trial should feature testimony from new witnesses. But Trump ally Moscow Mitch is not planning to allow that.
  • A decline in the share of Americans who say impeachment will help Trump get reelected (from 32% in December to 28% now). A remarkable 68% say impeachment will not help him get re-elected.

  “If you’re in one of these swing states, actually, if you’re in any state, some of these numbers should send a real message to you if you’re a United States senator and you’re trying to figure out whether you want there to be a fair and open trial.”

Except, the chances of Moscow Mitch allowing a fair trial range from slim to none.

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