Judge blocks new North Carolina voter ID law, prevents discriminatory law from taking effect

  • 01/22/2020 5:16 pm ET Symphony Ragan

Pixabay/Mohamed Hassan

December 26th, 2019, a temporary block was placed on a new voter ID law in North Carolina that would require voters to provide photo identification. This ruling was made in time to halt new voter ID regulations being listed on a statewide mailer sent to voters.

Why this matters

The decision to block the voter ID law was in response to a case filed by the NAACP. Lawyers for the NAACP argued that the new voter law would unfairly affect voting capabilities of black and Latino voters. While proponents of the bill argue that free IDs will be provided to those who need them, NAACP representatives state it is a “barely disguised duplicate” of previous voter ID laws struck down for being discriminatory.

What happens now

Voters in the March 2020 election will not be required to show photo ID when they go to the ballots. Currently, Republicans are seeking to have Attorney General Josh Stein appeal the ruling.

The injunction was timed accordingly to prevent interference in March 2020 election.

Key quotes

“The court gave advance notice that it will rule with plaintiffs and preliminarily enjoin the photo voter ID law next week. We are awaiting the full order, gratified that the court is intervening to prevent this discriminatory law from impeding North Carolinians’s equal access to the ballot.”

“To issue an injunction against one of the nation’s most lenient voter ID laws – which 34 states already have – without providing an opinion is an outrageous affront to due process, the rights of North Carolina voters and the rule of law.”


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