Trump brags to billionaires that he’s getting away with obstructing justice

  • 01/23/2020 2:14 pm ET M. Zlatos

On Wednesday, Donald Trump stood in front of billionaires at Davos and bragged about obstructing justice in his impeachment trial.

“We’re doing very well,” he said in response to a question asked about impeachment.

“I got to watch enough. I thought our team did a very good job. But honestly, we have all the material. They don’t have the material.”

Why this matters

Democrats saw the remark as proof that the GOP was denying Democrats, and the public, access to more testimony and evidence.

Rep. Adam Schiff responded: “Indeed they do have the material — hidden from the American people. That is nothing to brag about.”

George Conway, husband to Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, spelled it out:

“Every so often this pathological liar that is the President of the United States says something that’s actually true. And this was partially true in the sense that he’s admitting there his strategy is to keep the materials from coming out. It’s not quite true in that they have all the materials. The materials are seeping out. Some of the materials swore and raised their right hand and testified before the House.”

Republicans have blocked every attempt at Democrats introducing more evidence to the impeachment trial.

They have also blocked new witnesses such as John Bolton from testifying.

Conway added that such bragging might not help:

“That’s what he did here, he’s undercutting his own defense.”

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