Was Melania ‘part of the design committee’? Takei op-ed trashes Trump Space Force for plagiarizing Star Trek

  • 01/26/2020 11:18 am ET M. Zlatos

After the Trump administration released the new Space Force logo, Star Trek actor George Takei had some scathing critiques for it.

“I had to wonder whether Melania Trump was part of the design committee,” he wrote in The Washington Post. He and other Twitter users pointed out that the logo looked like a version of the Star Trek logo. “The final product with its concentric rings and swooping orbits looks so much like Starfleet’s, I fear it could easily confuse any Vulcans and Klingons who see it,” Takei stated.

The actor compared the current administration to the parallel universe in a Star Trek episode, “Mirror Mirror.” Takei wrote, “In this terrifying version of reality, violence and cruelty have displaced peace and diplomacy as the hallmarks of governance,”

He then built the real-life parallel between Star Trek and the current administration. Star Trek’s universe is one where “we have finally learned to set aside things like racial prejudice and gender inequality, and we all work together toward a common purpose and quest.” Meanwhile, the current administration places value in “racial resentments and fear stoked for cynical political purposes.”

Takei pointed out that “Even the notion of a “Space Force” seems patently absurd coming from an administration where science is mocked and disregarded.”

Other Twitter users were equally amused and upset at the similarities between the Space Force logo and Star Trek’s logo.

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