The bad news—Georgia GOP keeps purging voter rolls. The good news—Dems are adding new voters even faster

  • 02/13/2020 10:30 am ET Samantha Weller


Georgia Republican’s recent state purge created a 7% drop in voter registration.

However, a younger and more racially diverse population is rushing to register to vote even as the rolls are being purged.   Last year alone 322,000 new voters registered which is bad news for Republicans.

“In every way, that benefits the Democratic Party,” Scott Hogan, the executive director of the Democratic Party of Georgia, told the AJC.

Furthermore, the Governor of Georgia just lost a lawsuit as a judge ruled that he can’t hide the lists of GA voters he tried to purge:

“Kemp and the new Sec. of State of Georgia want to keep the lid on their methods for removing literally hundreds of thousands of low-income, young and minority voters on the basis of false information. They cannot hide anymore. This is a huge win and precedent for reporters trying to pry information from the hands of guilty officials.”

Republicans work to clear the voting rolls in an attempt to swing things in their favor, but it looks like it might be backfiring. Executive Director Hogan says “Georgia is in play. The state is going to go blue. It’s just a matter of when: this year”

Despite all the GOP’s efforts to purge voters, Georgia seems to be slipping out of their grasp.


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