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Trump just asserted the right to criminally investigate ANYONE. Thank you, cowardly GOP Senators.

02/15/2020 11:01 am ET Samantha Weller and Joe Romm
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Source / Mother Jones

Ever since Trump was acquitted of his multiple impeachable crimes by every GOP Senator but Mitt Romney (R-UT), he has quite naturally expanded his crime spree.

Case in point, Trump tweeted Friday about the constitutional crisis created when Attorney General Barr intervened in Roger Stone’s case.

Stone was sentenced for 9 years in prison after being convicted of multiple felonies. But Trump tweeted that was a “horrible and very unfair situation,” and Barr suggested a lighter sentence.

Barr claimed that “Trump’s tweets make it impossible for [him] to do [his] job,” in an interview with ABC News, and that he’s “not going to be bullied by Congress or Trump.”

But despite criticizing his tweets, Trump has not stopped, and Barr seems to have done what Trump wanted him to.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post summed it up:

Trump just openly and explicitly stated that it’s perfectly within his authority to direct his Attorney General to open criminal investigations into anyone he wants.”

Given Trump’s history, this inevitably means more retaliation against anyone who gets in the way of his reelection.

We can thank the cowardly GOP Senators who acquitted Trump for empowering him to the next level of dictatorial criminality.

After all,  if breaking U.S. law to withhold crucial military funds from a foreign ally to force them to launch a phony investigation into a key political rival is not impeachable … then what is?

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