Indian police are worried a large gang of monkeys might attack Trump during visit

Trump Monkey

Source: Wikipedia/Canva

Next Monday and Tuesday, February 24-25, Trump will visit his equally polarizing counterpart in India—Prime Minister Modi—for a rally in Modi’s home state.

During the trip Trump is also planning to visit the world-famous Taj Mahal in the city of Agra.

Which may not go according to plan.

According to India Today, India’s most famous heritage site has a growing problem with wild animals and out-of-control monkeys.

“The monkeys and other stray animals have attacked numerous domestic and foreign tourists till date inside the Taj Mahal. All the efforts made by the local CISF unit and ASI staff, to control the monkeys, have gone in vain.

And Indian police only have small catapults to deal with them!  “While this catapult is effective against single or a couple of monkeys when it comes to whole troops of monkeys, the catapult is completely ineffective.”

A security officer said:

“If such a large troop of monkeys attacks Donald Trump’s entourage, it will be a disaster.”

According to ASI Superintending Archaeologist Basant Kumar Swarnkar, the number of monkeys in the Taj Mahal has come down lately, but still, “the forest department has been requested to ensure that the monkeys stay away from the Taj during Donald Trump’s visit.”

Perhaps they’re worried that the monkeys might mistake Trump for one of their own tribe…

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