Twitter mocks Trump’s claims that 10 million Indians will welcome him on his visit

Twitter responds to Pelosi ripping up Trump's SOTU speech 1

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Last night at his own campaign rally in Colorado, Trump claimed that 6 million to 10 million people are expected to welcome him. It is, as usual, another wild exaggeration from the President.

But it wasn’t just rally rambling, Trump made a similar claim while speaking to Asian News International:

As India’s Economic Times pointed out, 7 million people would be 80% of the city’s population. Diplomatically, they called the claim “highly unlikely”.

IEC may have been diplomatic, but Trump’s wild claims attracted ridicule from Indians (and everyone else) on Twitter.

1. Brothers in lies

Trump Modi India

Source: Wikipedia

Will the real liar please stand up?

2. A stadium full of lies

Cricket stadium India

Screenshot / YouTube

Calling the bluff.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Trump window

Source: Wikimedia

…who has the largest crowd size of them all?

4. Hugest crowd ever

Trump open-mouthed

Source: Flickr/Evan Guest

He has the best crowds.

5. Do we have a deal?

Maga hats

Screenshot / Business Insider

Those who bring the crowds, get the trade.

6. Give or take a billion

People Population World

Source: Canva

He wants the whole world in his hands.

7. Are you not entertained?

Trump Crazy Hair

Flickr / Scott Spiegel

Maybe his hair will do tricks.

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