America’s caged kids are alone, hungry and sick: The very worst things Stephen Miller has done

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‘We will not rest until you resign': 8 Jewish groups insist cruel, racist, antisemitic Stephen Miller must go

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Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller is one of Trump’s biggest influences.

His immigration policies have been some of the harshest—yet coldly calculated to advance an anti-immigrant ideology.

While Miller often tries seems to stay out of the news, here are 10 times when the public has learned about his vile influence—including cruelly caging thousands of children at the border.

1. No asylum in America

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 1

Source: Screenshot/CBS News

According to the New Yorker, Miller helped create policies and deals with countries in Central America that would force asylum seekers to stay in their respective countries.

When someone in a meeting tried to argue that El Salvador didn’t have a system for those seeking asylum, Miller said, “They don’t need a system.”

2. Read up on your white nationalists

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 2

Source: Screenshot/MSNBC

Miller had contact with Breitbart, a far-right publication, in 2015 and 2016.

During this time, he suggested that the writers aggregate stories from white nationalist publications, including American Renaissance, VDare, and Infowars.

Katie McHugh, who used to work for Breitbart, told the Southern Poverty Law Center that Miller suggested an American Renaissance article “about crime statistics and race.”

Over 100 Democrat lawmakers called for Miller to be fired once this scandal leaked to the press. The letter written to President Trump said, “Given Mr. Miller’s role in shaping immigration policy for your administration, his documented dedication to extremist, anti-immigrant ideology and conspiracy-mongering is disqualifying.”

3. Allowing ICE to threaten unaccompanied migrant children

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 3

Source: Screenshot/Fox News

Miller developed a policy that would allow immigration agents to be put in refugee agencies that deal with migrant children who are without guardians or parents.

The agents would be allowed to collect fingerprints and data from any adult who would came in to claim a child from the institution.

If these adults were not “eligible” (i.e. if they were not in the U.S. legally) they would be targeted for arrest and deportation, the Washington Post reported.

4. No green card with your benefits

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 4

Source: Screenshot/Fox Business

Why did Miller think that the Department of Homeland Security was “an embarrassment?”

Because they weren’t passing the anti-immigrant regulation fast enough.

The regulation that Politico reported on would prevent legal immigrants who receive government benefits from getting green cards. According to an anonymous former Trump official, Miller had “an obsession” with the rule.

If a legal immigrant received food stamps, Medicaid, or any other subsidies, they would not be able to get their green cards.

National Immigration Law Center senior policy attorney Sonya Schwartz told Politico, “The real fear and danger is that so many families that have an immigrant family member are going to be afraid to go to the doctor, are going to be afraid to go to school.”

5. Stop the immigrants with…tariffs?

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 5

Source: Screenshot/Fox News

A policy announced by Trump on Twitter that threatened to raise tariffs on Mexican imports up to 25% was heavily pushed by Miller, according to CNBC.

The tariffs would continue until “such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP.”

Both the Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer opposed the move, but Trump and Miller pushed for the order. One source claimed that Miller was the origin for the idea.

6. Personal attention to his craft

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 6

Source: Screenshot/Washington Post

In a Politico story, two unnamed administration officials recounted the time when Miller stepped away from an unofficial event to argue over the phone for the deportation of an individual.

Miller helped craft a provision to an executive order that put new rules in place in federal agencies in 2017, with special attention to those who were not U.S. citizens.

Agencies were told to exclude anyone in the United States who was not a “lawful permanent resident” from privacy rights and protections. These updates were made official in April 2017.

7. No refugees ever

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 7

Source: Screenshot/ABC News

Miller’s proxies, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services official John Zadrozny and State Department refugee chief Andrew Veprek, told the administration to cut the number of refugees allowed in the U.S. to zero.

Both of these men have been seen as Miller’s allies, heavily influenced by the senior policy advisor. The number of refugees allowed in annually had been previously capped at 30,000 a year.

8. His racist roots

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 8

Source: Screenshot/CNN

Miller launched a group at his college, Duke University, that supposedly was meant to fight “Islamofascism.”

It was a chapter of the “Terrorism Awareness Project,” which was a branch of an organization with ties to anti-Muslim hate groups.

Miller used his group to promote the idea that “Islamofascism” had infiltrated campuses, while leftist ideology had done nothing to stop it.

9. Even negotiating is risky

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 9

Source: Screenshot/Fox News

When Democrats tried to give Dreamers the right to stay in the country, Trump and Miller swooped in with a list of demands in return for allowing them to stay.

Miller authored policies that would give more funding to the Trump border wall, cap the number of immigrants allowed in the U.S., and enhance law enforcement in sanctuary cities.

There was very little support for these policies when they were announced.

10. Children ripped away from their families

20 Times Stephen Miller Showed He Hates Immigrants 10

Source: Screenshot/CBS This Morning

The infamous “zero-tolerance” policy that separated families at the Mexican border was the suggestion and work of Miller.

It has since meant that more than 5,400 children have been separated from their families.

Miller deserves blame for everything that has happened to those kids since—including those who died for lack of a free flu shot.

And over Christmas, America’s caged kids were alone, cold, hungry, and sick—thanks to Miller.

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