Trump names anti-science zealot Mike Pence as coronavirus Czar. Twitter reacts feverishly.

Mike Pence Vice President

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Yesterday Trump stood in front of the media and declared America would be fine in the face of the Coronavirus threat.

And to assuage everyone’s fears, he put his trusted sidekick Mike Pence in charge of the response.

But that decision is likely to alarm officials not calm them. Especially if you consider Pence’s history of ignoring science and experts.

Let’s look at Mike Pence’s history

One of Mike Pence’s defining moments as Governor of Indiana was a massive outbreak of HIV in the state — the worst in its history — thanks to public health funding cuts and Pence’s moralistic stance against needle exchanges.

“Although the outbreak was identified in late January of 2015, it took Pence until April of that year to allow a temporary needle exchange in Scott County. It was a big shift for the governor, who was morally opposed to needle exchanges and believed they promoted drug use. This position is dead wrong, according to health experts.”

But that was only one instance in a long history of Pence ignoring simple science.

Once, he argued sending kids to daycare stunts their emotional development. Seriously, he did.

Mike Pence has also long been accused of supporting ‘gay conversion therapy,’ which has been discredited by the medical establishment and denounced by gay groups.

He didn’t even know about his own President’s cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and had to be told by an emergency doctor.

Why it matters

The response has to the Coronavirus has to be evidence-led and driven by facts and science.

It also requires the American public to put their faith in trusted institutions knowing they can manage the country if a crisis arises.

Can anyone expect this administration to do anything close to that? Twitter certainly does not:

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