Trump’s Katrina: Our botched coronavirus response is ‘total failure by an incompetent executive’ says Steyer

'Coronavirus will be Trump's Katrina' says Democrat candidate Tom Steyer

Source: Wikimedia

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer spoke with radio host Dean Obeidallah on SiriusXM where he made the comment that Trump’s response to the Coronavirus is like Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina: “completely incompetent”.

Steyer said:

“This [Coronavirus] is a huge deal and he’s turning it over to Mike Pence? I can’t be more scared.”

“This is a much bigger deal than I think people in the United States understand in terms of how many people are going to be infected and how much economic impact this is going to have. Trump is incompetent. He is doing a terrible job on this.”

He went on to say the Republicans were “up in arms” about how Obama dealt with the Ebola virus and that was handled “masterfully”. In fact, even Trump weighed into that controversy.

Steyer continued:

“But he believed in analysis, he believed in science, he [Obama] was on top it…He really led the world on controlling the Ebola epidemic…and in the United States it didn’t become much of anything at all.”

“That’s not what is happening here. Mr. Trump is way late. He has no capability, he is incompetent.”

“I think this a huge, huge deal, because this is like George W. Bush with the hurricane and flooding down in New Orleans.

“A total executive failure by an incompetent executive.”


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