Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 25 ways

  • 02/29/2020 11:43 am ET Brian Frazer
Fireman School Children Socialism

Source: Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station

The GOP—and much of America—is lambasting Bernie Sanders for being a socialist

Yet Donald Trump and his cronies continuously exploit socialism with their tax breaks and subsidies to build luxury buildings. And America’s wealthiest family, the Waltons, rely on socialism to subsidize their low-paid Walmart workers with Medicaid and food stamps.

So there’s always been plenty of socialism to go around in the U.S. of A. Everyone relies on it more than you’d think.

1. Fire Department

Fire Fireman

Source: Canva

Is your house burning down? Well, those guys in the red truck carrying that giant hose with the high-pressure water are socialists.

And so is that fire hydrant.

2. Mail

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 25 ways

Source: Canva

Might as well stop and check the mailbox on the way out.

Hey, guess what? The second you touch that birthday card (Happy Birthday, by the way! You look great!), you’re a socialist.

Unless, of course, your aunt sent your card via UPS, which would have cost more than the card.

3. Our highways

Are you a Socialist? It's impossible not to be. 20 Ways Everyone Uses Socialism Every Day

Source: Unsplash/Nahari Perez Aguilar

Without socialism, you’d probably have a dirt path from your house to the local grocery store, and there would be no highways. If you’re Amish, that previous sentence has no significance.

4. Police

9 5/8th MAGAs Who Met Karma 6

Source: Unsplash/ Credit: ev

If you lived in Afghanistan, you might be lucky enough to have a private security team guarding your house.

However, since you live in America, our socialist cops will protect you whether or not you’re a citizen or a taxpayer.

5. Airports

Airport plane

Source: Unsplash/Emily Rusch

There’s a reason that air travel is affordable—because taxpayer dollars fund airports and the FAA.

6. Courts

10 times "Moscow Mitch" earned his nickname 2

Source: Canva

If the private sector were responsible for courthouses, we’d never have justice. Because courts aren’t exactly profit-machines.

The courtroom, judge, and jury all exist because of socialism. Not to mention public defenders. [Note: Does not apply to food courts.]

7. Schools

Some China schools reopen after more than a month

Source: Canva

If you attended any public school, you’re officially a graduate of Socialist U.

Actually, you are even if you went to a charter school—which is just a sneaky way for rich people to keep their kids from interacting with poor kids. But that’s for another list…

8. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines

Over 1000 military veterans: Trump's firing of Army officer who testified against him 'an affront to Constitution'

Source: Canva

Yep. Our national defense is owned, funded, and operated by the U.S. government—the very definition of socialism.

And 24 cents out of every tax dollar goes to the military-industrial complex.

9. Medicare

10 times Katie Porter has already killed it in 2020 5

Source: Pixabay

Most senior citizens couldn’t afford private health care, so Medicare is literally and figuratively a lifesaver.

Socialism at its finest.

10. Medicaid

No public school for anti-vaxxers in Seattle

Source: Pixabay

Just think of it as Medicare for low-income people, and as another way socialism helps keep people alive.

11. Social Security

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 25 ways 1

Source: Canva

It’s not called Capitalist Security.

This safety-net slice of socialism helps senior citizens avoid living in poverty and possibly YOU from having to finance Mom and Dad’s golden years instead of saving for your own.

They called FDR a commie for signing this into law, but it was so popular they had to make another law that said FDR couldn’t be president forever.

12. Sewers

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 25 ways 2

Source: Canva

Every time you flush a toilet, you’re a socialist. And if you never flush… well, then you’ve got bigger issues.

Our sewer system does a lot more than remove waste. It also helps prevent disease.

13. Soda

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 25 ways 3

Source: Canva

Huh? Really? Yes. Because the government subsidizes farmers to grow corn (and pays some farmers NOT to grow corn) to make cheap high-fructose corn syrup.

So if you’ve ever consumed a non-diet cola, you’re sipping on socialism.

Incidentally, Donald J. Trump has already bailed out farmers to the tune of $29 billion. Otherwise, they’d go out of business because of his horrid attempts at trade deals.


14. Customs and Border Patrol

'This is just the wrong time for you guys': CBP holds Iranian American for 10 hours at the border

Source: Customs and Border Patrol

Perhaps the most ironic of all socialist entities: CBP.

This federal government agency helps keep illegal immigrants out, as well as regulates trade.

“Build that socialist wall!”

15. National Weather Service

NOAA revises science to appease Trump

Source: Wikimedia

Without this socialist service, you’d need to rely on looking out your window to figure out the weather. And knowing when a big storm is coming is invaluable. At any price.

16. Amtrak

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 25 ways 4

Source: Canva

Yes, Amtrak is owned by the federal government. So next time you’re in a sleeper car dream about socialism.

17. Water system 

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 25 ways 5

Source: Canva

Every time we turn on a faucet, most of us are dripping socialism.

In fact, the residents of Flint, Michigan didn’t have to boil their tap water until they switched their system to a private (capitalist) company.

18. Public Beaches

beach ocean socialism

Source: Canva

Do you head to the coast when school lets out for the summer? Those public beaches you love to frolic on, that’s going to be socialism. Again.

You can thank Boston for creating the first public beach which they dubbed “The People’s Beach.”

19. Amber Alerts

Amber Alert Cell phone notification human trafficking kidnapping

Source: Flickr/Tony Webster

Amber Alerts have been helping track down kidnapped kids since the late 90s. The program was modeled after the inclement weather alerts that are sent out by the National Weather Service—which is also a socialist program.

20. Business Subsidies

World's richest man cuts health benefits for 1,900 workers and 8 more terrible things Jeff Bezos has done

Source: Flickr / Steve Jurvetson

Business owners like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos may think they are capitalist royalty, but all those business subsidies and tax breaks they get are just more forms of socialism.

21. The FBI and the CIA

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 20 ways 1

Source: Wikimedia

Just like local police and the branches of the military, the FBI and the CIA are socialist programs paid for by your tax dollars.

22. Garbage collection

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 20 ways 2

Source: Canva

Unless you are paying a private company to collect your trash every week, then you are enjoying more socialism. Oh, you take your own trash to the landfill? Is it owned by your county? Yep. Socialism.

23. Public libraries


Source: Pixabay

Public libraries all across the country are full of “free” books, “free” WiFi, and even “free” job training classes. Those services aren’t really free, you are just paying for them with your tax dollars whether you check out 10 books a week or don’t even have a library card.

Socialism at work.

24. NASA

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 20 ways 3

Source: Canva

Without good ol’ socialism, Neil Armstrong would never have taken that “giant leap for mankind.”

25. Street lights

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 20 ways 4

Source: Canva

Next time you go out at night to walk your dog, say thanks to socialism for being able to see the sidewalk because all those street lights lighting your path are funded by your tax dollars.

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