Trump admits he’s going to cut Social Security, Medicare. Twitter explodes.

  • 03/07/2020 12:05 pm ET Samantha Weller
Trump urges sick people to go to work—directly contradicting CDC’s coronavirus advice

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Trump just indicated that he plans to cut medicare, social security, and other similar programs.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum discussed the national debt with Trump and commented that entitlements would need to be cut. Trump, in response, said: “We will be cutting, but we’re also going to have growth like you’ve never had before.”

This is hours after Trump tweeted a statement promising he would protect these programs—a promise he has made before.

Now that his lie is evident, Twitter is having a meltdown:

1. Tax breaks?

Donald Trump Grimace

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Who needs the money more?

2. Broken promises

'A fixer for a mobster': Twitter eviscerates AG Barr for pretending to stand up to Trump's tweets 3

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Senator Chuck Schumer called out Trump for his lie about never cutting Medicare or Social Security.

3. Health isn’t important, right?

Twitter mocks Eric Trump for claiming 30,000 attended his dad's rally at a stadium that only holds 8,600 2

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Trump doesn’t seem to care about health, even if it’s his own family.

4. Another attempt to destroy Obamacare?

Trump has never hesitated to try to reverse the many things Obama did…so this could be another attempt.

5. Tax cuts

No one likes paying taxes, but Trump especially seems to try to cut corners whenever he can.

6. Trump’s amnesia

Trump Crazy Hair

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Maybe he just forgot his promises?

7. More ways to blame Obama

The SEVEN times Trump said Obama would attack Iran before an election 1

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It is always Obama’s fault.

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