‘Spent weeks minimizing the problem’: Fox’s Tucker Carlson rips Trump team on coronavirus

"They’re wrong': Tucker Carlson calls out the Trump Administration's handling of coronavirus

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson just called out the Trump administration Monday night for botching the coronavirus crisis. And we have a list of everything Trump and his team have done wrong.

While Carlson did throw some shade at the left and utter a few racist comments, he strongly criticized the “people you probably voted for” in the segment. Sure sounds like he means Trump and Pence.

The Fox host slammed those who say “it’s just like the flu” and not big deal: “But they’re wrong. The Chinese coronavirus is a major event.”


The “corona-flu”

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Carlson didn’t name names, but he did say, “It’s definitely not just the flu.”

This was clearly aimed at Trump, who called the virus the “corona flu” while being interviewed by Fox’s Sean Hannity. That’s a further attempt to minimize the virus and its death rate, which is vastly greater than the flu’s.

He has a “hunch”

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Trump also discussed his “hunch” with Hannity that the fatality rates reported by the WHO were incorrect. He has no data to back that statement up…it is just something he fancies.

Go to work

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In addition to sharing his hunches, Trump also had some novel advice for Hannity’s listeners: go ahead and work. The President claimed that the virus was so mild thousands of people would get better without missing work or their regular activities.

Doesn’t understand vaccines

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At a meeting with pharma executives, Trump appeared to not understand how vaccines work or why they couldn’t just us a flu vaccine to combat coronavirus. It took those in the meeting some time to explain that medicines have to go through clinical testing before becoming available to the public.

Called it a hoax

Trump Rally

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At one of his recent rallies, Trump called the coronavirus pandemic a “hoax” claiming that the Democrats are pushing a narrative to hurt his reelection chances.

Lying about tests

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Trump has put Vice President Pence in charge of handling the coronavirus efforts, but that isn’t stopping him from throwing around misinformation.

While Pence is telling reporters “We don’t have enough tests today to meet what we anticipate will be the demand going forward,” Trump is reassuring them that we have enough tests for everyone—tests that are as perfect as his call with Ukraine.

It surely is a strange turn of events when Tucker Carlson is urging the Trump administration to “tell the truth.”

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