Here’s a list of Trump’s many sexual assault accusations

  • 03/11/2020 11:31 am ET Samantha Weller
Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations

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Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of felony sex crime and rape last month. It was a victory for sexual assault survivors everywhere to see such a powerful man finally brought to justice.

The decision, surprisingly, was praised by President Donald Trump who called it a “victory for women,” but Trump seems to have forgotten how many women have accused him of the same exact thing that is sending Weinstein in prison. In fact, the President has so many accusations against him, many publications keep running lists so they can add to them as more women come forward.

Here are 15 of the women who have accused the President of misconduct:

1. Ivana Trump

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 1

Source: Wikimedia

His ex-wife accused him of rape in 1989.

Harry Hurt III wrote about this accusation in a 1993 book about Trump saying “It is a violent assault.”

She later said that she didn’t want to accuse Trump of rape ‘in a literal or criminal sense,” but still said she felt violated when it happened.

2. Jessica Leeds

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 2

Source: Screenshot/CNN

Leeds told the New York Times that Trump groped her on an airplane in the 1970s. She discussed it again with ABC, where she stated the urgency of Congress investigating the allegations.

Trump referenced and negated Leeds’ accusation at a press conference later that year saying, “I had a woman sitting in an airplane and I attacked her while people were coming onto the plane.”

3. Kristen Anderson

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 3

Source: Screenshot/CNN

Kristen told the Washington Post that Trump once put his hand up her skirt in the nineties.

A friend of hers named Brad Trent who she told about the incident told ABC News that Trump slid his hand up her leg and “grabbed her p—-.”

4. Jill Harth

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 4

Source: Screenshot/The Guardian

Jill says she had two uncomfortable encounters with Trump, one where he tried putting his hand in between her legs at a dinner she was at with her then-boyfriend, and another where he tried to kiss her when she visited his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate.

Her lawsuit discusses the details, but lately, she says she does not want to talk about Trump.

5. Cathy Heller

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 5

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

Heller told the Guardian that she was at Mar-a-largo in the 1990s and was going to shake hands with Trump but he grabbed her and tried to kiss her lips despite her pulling away.

She added that the incident made her feel “angry and shaken,” and told People magazine that she doesn’t think “[Trump] can control himself.”

6. Temple Taggart McDowell

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 6

Source: Screenshot/NBC News

Former Miss Utah in the 1997 Miss USA contest  said Trump “kissed her on the lips.” It doesn’t seem any better than Trump owned the pageant at the time.

She first spoke out about this in 2016 to the New York Times.

7. Karena Virginia

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 7

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

Karena says Trump groped her when she was waiting for a ride in New York in 1998.

She told the Washington Post that before he did, he said, “do you know who I am?

8. Melinda McGillivray

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 8

Source: Screenshot/Youtube

Melinda says Trump grabbed her inappropriately during a Ray Charles concert at Mar-a-Lago in 2003, which she told the Palm Beach Post.

A photographer who had been at the event, Ken Davidoff, says she told him about it at the event right after it happened.

“He has to face the music; he can’t get away with this,” McGillivray said.

9. Natasha Stoynoff

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 9

Source: Screenshot/Bustle

Natasha Stoynoff says Trump sexually assaulted her at Mar-a-Lago when he was giving her a tour.

After he led her into a room, she says Trump shut the door and “within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.”

10. Rachel Crooks

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 10

Source: Screenshot/CNN

According to the New York Times, Crooks says she introduced herself to Trump when he grabbed her and kissed her “directly on the mouth.”

11. Samantha Holvey

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 11

Source: Wikimedia

Another contestant in the Miss USA pageant, Samantha Holvey says Trump would “inspect” each girl as if they were sex objects.

She said the moment was “the dirtiest I felt in my entire life.”

12. Nina Laaksonen

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 12

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

Former Miss Finland says Trump groped her backstage when she appeared with him on “Late Night Show with David Letterman” in 2006.

13. Jessica Drake

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 13

Source: Screenshot/The Guardian

During an October 2016 press conference, Jessica said Trump groped and kissed her without her permission. He went on to offer her money to visit his hotel room.

14. Summer Zervos

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 14

Source: Screenshot/The Guardian

A former contestant on NBC’s “The Apprentice,” Summer Zervos also spoke in the October 2016 press conference.

Zervos recounted an incident from 2007 at the Beverly Hills Hotel where Trump groped and forcibly kissed.

15. Cassandra Searles

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 15

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

Former Miss Washington 2013 wrote on Facebook in 2016 about how, at the Miss USA pageant, Trump lined up the models and treated them “like cattle,” as he observed them from head to toe.

Why isn’t anything being done?

Donald Trump Grimace

Source: Flickr/Roy_17

Whether it’s one the many cases where a woman was trying to simply shake Trumps hand but was instead inappropriately grabbed, or being treated as objects at a beauty pageant, it seems Trump has tried to pull the same unsubtle attempt at kissing or touching women, even if it’s in a public area.

Despite all these women coming forward,  Trump has still not properly addressed them and seems to push them to the side, either calling them “ridiculous” or dismissing the women’s accusations by saying things like “they aren’t his type” or they aren’t attractive enough to be assaulted.

Hard to believe Trump would have the nerve to say Harvey Weinstein’s sentence was a “victory for women”.

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