Trump team now ‘actively sabotaging efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus’, experts say

  • 03/12/2020 7:03 am ET Samantha Weller
Trump team now 'actively sabotaging efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus', experts say

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“Trump has sabotaged America’s coronavirus response,” as one leading expert has explained. Here’s the latest example.

Everyone deserves to know about the Coronavirus as it spreads, but apparently, the Trump administration thinks only English-speaking people deserve to know.

On Monday, the Trump administration told immigration courts to take down bilingual coronavirus prevention posters.

This was right before the administration reversed the order saying it was a mistake.

However, Twitter is going wild:

1. It’s just a joke, right?

10 times "Moscow Mitch" earned his nickname 2

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After the National Association of Immigration Judges said courts should post both English and Spanish language versions of the CDC’s updates about the virus, they took to Twitter to bash the Trump administration:

2. Diseases don’t discriminate

Twitter blasts Trump administration after order to take down bilingual Coronavirus posters

Source: Flick/Gage Skidmore

Hilary Clinton tells it as it is: it’s discrimination at it’s finest. But the administration doesn’t seem to realize it’s affecting everyone, not just immigrants.

3. The virus spreading doesn’t seem to scare the administration

Trump urges sick people to go to work—directly contradicting CDC’s coronavirus advice

Source: Wikimedia

When there’s an outbreak of a disease, preventing the spread of it should be priority number one.

But it looks like the Trump administration doesn’t realize people need to be alive to vote.

4. Trump coronavirus-prevention posters

Donald Trump Grimace

Source: Flickr/Roy_17

If there can’t be bilingual coronavirus posters, maybe Trump posters will do the trick.

5. Did people forget that there is more than one language?

People Population World

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It should be pretty much common sense that all languages need to be involved with coronavirus prevention plans–but this seems to be a whole other problem if not enough languages are being considered.

6. Another one of Trump’s plans to remove immigrants?

"Make you better, quicker?": Trump doesn't know what a vaccine is

Source: Screenshot/C-SPAN

He hasn’t exactly kept his feelings on immigration a secret.

7. The first case of health warnings being removed by a President

The 14 times Trump broke the law and nothing happened

Source: Flickr/The White House

What next, Trump orders hospitals to be removed?

8. Is Trump only thinking about re-election?

Vote Voters Suppression Election Ballot

Source: Canva

Trump seems entirely too distracted lately by re-election. The country can hope that he hasn’t forgotten the importance of preventing the virus from being spread.

9. Does the administration know what they’re doing?

The White House

Source: Pixabay

Maybe the Trump administration needs posters on how to handle the coronavirus.

10. At least the general public has an idea of what needs to be done

Trump admin. sent health workers to receive infected Coronavirus patients without protective gear

Source: Pixabay

Maybe we should put this guy in charge:

Meanwhile, media outlets await the administration’s explanation for even initiating taking down the posters in the first place.

A Justice Department spokesman told CNN, “The sign should not have been taken down. The matter is being rectified.”

Hopefully, all future thoughts of even removing health warnings will be ‘rectified.’

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