Trump lied while people died: Twitter amplifies viral ad detailing President’s virus falsehoods

Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus

Source: Screenshot/NPR

Next to the virus itself, Trump seems to be the second most frowned upon thing right now—after all the lies he has told.

So much, that an ad was just released that is targeting Trump for lying about COVID19:

Here’s what Twitter is saying about this brutal ad:

1.  Trump won’t take any responsibility

Trump's organization bribed officials to pay lower property taxes, damning new report says

Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Why would the Presidency be associated with any responsibility?

2. So many options

14 screw-ups from Seema Verma, the most incompetent Trump appointee now on WH Coronavirus Task Force

Source: Wikimedia

It sounds like multiple different anti-Trump coronavirus ads could be made.

3. Story of Trump’s entire life

Here's a list Trump sexual assault accusations 12

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

Does Trump understand that most things are a President’s responsibility?

4. #CovidCoverup

EU slams Trump for acting unilaterally 1

Source: canva

Is Trump trying to beat the coronavirus at it’s game?

5. One billion dollars

Dr. Evil

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Why stop a pandemic when you can make billions of dollars?

6. Saving lives <<< Re-election

Voter Registration Election

Source: Flickr/NatalieMaynor

Trump seems entirely too focused on getting re-elected. So much, in fact, that even a worldwide outbreak of a virus can’t get him to focus on anything else.

7. A pandemic prediction

The 14 times Trump broke the law and nothing happened

Source: Flickr/The White House

Just like he didn’t respond to much about the coronavirus, Trump didn’t appear to respond to this back then either:

8. 2020 election idea for democrats

Donald Trump Grimace

Source: Flickr/Roy_17

The Democrats might have just gotten a huge 2020 election idea.

9. Make America Responsible Again?

'We don't want golfing': As stocks plunge, Jim Cramer, CNBC slam Trump for lack of coronavirus leadership 2

Source: Screenshot/YouTube


10. What now?

Trump team now 'actively sabotaging efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus', experts say

Source: Flickr/The White House

While the damage has already been done and the coronavirus continues to spread, Trump is still trying to act like the everything is under control while there is now a list from the New York Times of how many times he has tried to downplay the virus.

For factual coronavirus updates, Trump is not the source to go to.

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