‘This would be a devastating Biden ad’: Twitter goes wild for killer video of Trump coronavirus calendar

  • 03/18/2020 1:50 pm ET Samantha Weller
'Another brazen attempt to rewrite reality': Trump claims he knew coronavirus was a pandemic even before it was declared one

Source: Flickr/White House

In what’s yet another clap back at Trump for his downplaying of the coronavirus, a new coronavirus ad has been created, and it is devastating.

The video pinpoints all the downplaying Trump did, and the way he seemed to be in complete denial that a pandemic was approaching.

Trump’s coronavirus calendar

'Nasty question': Trump attacks journalist who asked what his message for worried Americans was 1

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

The Recount created an entire calendar outlining the many weeks of Trump lying about the coronavirus, which according to this list of his lies, is a lot.

Be calm

Conservative columnist warns more Republicans may die from coronavirus than Democrats because of right-wing lies

Source: Unsplash/History in HD

Since January, Trump has said everything is under control. When it began to affect the stock market, he still seemed to care more about the plummeting numbers of stocks than the rising numbers of coronavirus cases.

Recently, in a March 10 briefing, Trump said: “We’re doing a great job with it, it will go away, just stay calm. But be calm, it’s really working out and a lot of good things are going to happen.”

Trump’s “be calm” sounds a lot like Melania’s “be best.”

Lies about lies

Twitter responds to Pelosi ripping up Trump's SOTU speech 1

Source: Pixabay

Twitter isn’t falling for the lies or the lies about lies.

Spot the difference

Trump's "verbal gaffes" and other horrible things he's said 3

Source: Unsplash/Ben Noble

Trump doesn’t really measure up…

Now it’s an emergency

Trump denies and then declares coronavirus as a pandemic

Source: Screenshot/NPR

After months of acting like everything is going to be okay, Trump finally declared a national emergency.

Not my problem

POLL: Americans support the impeachment inquiry into Trump

Source: Twitter / @DonaldJGrumpy

But he followed it by saying “I don’t take responsibility at all,” blaming previous administrations for delayed  test-kits distribution as he said, “we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time.”

We’re all fine?

Trump team now 'actively sabotaging efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus', experts say

Source: Flickr/The White House

The fact remains though that nearly every time experts advised people to take action to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, Trump said, “It’s going to be just fine,” according to a report from the New York Times.

Reject the evidence

'No dissent down': Trump's team change rules in 37 states to stop challengers

Source: Screenshot / YouTube

What a time to have a leader who thinks a global pandemic is nothing to worry about.

Can we wake up now?

'This would be a devastating Biden ad': Twitter goes wild for killer video of Trump coronavirus calendar

Source: Canva

This has been a three year bad dream.

There’s always a tweet

Twitter may be allowing oil and gas to keep posting political ads

Source: Screenshot / YouTube


A video for all Americans

TikTok user illustrates wealth gap—using rice 6

Source: Canva

Some Twitter users are making it a goal to get the video seen by as many people as possible.

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