Fox poll asks if Trump’s coronavirus leadership is ‘superb’, ‘great’ or ‘very good’—Twitter implodes

  • 03/21/2020 8:50 pm ET Samantha Weller

'That’s been the story of life': Trump on why the wealthy are getting coronavirus tests before everyone else

Trump has sabotaged and botched the coronavirus crisis since the beginning.

That’s why so many people laughed when Lou Dobbs hosted a poll on Fox Business asking viewers how they grade Trump’s handling of the virus, with the options ranging from “superb” to “very good.”

Twitter reacts to biased poll asking about how well Trump is handling coronavirus

Here’s what Twitter is saying about Dobb’s sham poll:


1. North Korea vibes

Kim Jong Un does photo shoot on horseback and vows to overcome US sanctions

Source: Twitter / @SomeYucks

Dear Leader Trump…

2. 10/10 option

Brazilian official who met Trump in Florida last week tests positive for coronavirus 2

Source: Screenshot/Instagram

If they are only going to put positive choices, they might as well have put a 10/10 option

3. A more accurate poll

14 screw-ups from Seema Verma, the most incompetent Trump appointee now on WH Coronavirus Task Force

Source: Wikimedia

Now, this seems like a more accurate poll.

4. Inability to see the truth

'It's clear we were being grifted': Twitter trashes Kushners for trying to profit off of coronavirus

Source: Wikipedia

If people are giving their choices this way, the poll probably needs to be adjusted.

5. Grading Lou Dobbs

'A tool for the left': Lou Dobbs is spinning a Bolton conspiracy theory

Source; Screenshot / YouTube

By Lou Dobbs standards, this poll should be fair, right?

6. Fixed it

'That’s been the story of life': Trump on why the wealthy are getting coronavirus tests before everyone else
These new options are nice.

7. Lou Dobb’s poll, reversed

Falwell tells Fox News coronavirus is a 'Christmas present' from North Korea. Twitter loses it. 1

Source: Wikimedia

Double standards, right?

8. Many uses

Clueless Trump and the GOP want to paint Joe Biden as senile 2

Source: Pikrepo

There is currently a high demand for toilet paper, so it’s no surprise someone thought of this.

9. Fox’s controversial polls

How to not let a FOX NEWS ADDICT ruin your Thanksgiving this year...GUARANTEED!

Source: Canva/Fox News

Funny how a similar poll was once created but was a joke rather than serious.

10. Rating Dobb’s poll

Cruise Ship Boat Ocean Travel Virus

Source: Pixabay

A poll has to be very frowned upon when someone describes it as”Hindenburg full of smallpox crashing into the Titanic.”

11. Fighting the lies of media

Trump's 7 worst pardons 4

Source: Pixabay

Since the majority of Americans are getting their information from social media rather than newspapers, people are basically looking at information through a telescope.

It’s no surprise that people like Lou Dobbs are trying to take advantage of the limited amount of information most people take in, thinking he could create such a poll.

Thankfully, many people quickly took notice of how ridiculous the poll is.

Maybe someone should analyze how many voted in Dobb’s poll to determine how many don’t know the difference between media and journalism, or polls and propaganda.

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