Trump sends cease-and-desist letters to stop new ad using his own words against him. Twitter implodes.

Absurd Parasite Priorities USA ad


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A new ad from the Democratic super PAC, Priorities USA, condemns Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has already infected more than 85,000 Americans.

The 30-second ad consists of voice clips of the President saying things like “this is their new hoax” and “we’ve done a great job.” The clips play while a graph ticks up with the number of U.S. coronavirus cases.

It’s succinct and powerful—no doubt why the Trump campaign is threatening legal action. The campaign issued “cease and desist” letters to several local TV stations in key states like Florida, and Michigan.

Twitter caught wind of the threats and did their thing

Share and share alike

Once Twitter learned that the campaign was trying to block stations from showing the ad, the retweets and shares started ticking up.

Maybe he should quit talking?

'That’s been the story of life': Trump on why the wealthy are getting coronavirus tests before everyone else
He basically writes the ads himself.

Out of context

As he was getting impeache, Trump jokes that veteran Rep. John Dingell is "looking up" from hell

Source: Screenshot/C-Span

Did he call it a hoax? Let’s read the transcript.

A thorough search

Twitter mocks Eric Trump for claiming 30,000 attended his dad's rally at a stadium that only holds 8,600

Source: Pixabay

Nothing but the facts here.

Who’s responsible?

'We don't want golfing': As stocks plunge, Jim Cramer, CNBC slam Trump for lack of coronavirus leadership 2

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

The ad ends with Trump’s refusal to take responsibility, but the dire state of things is actually his fault.

America needs to know

Military officials ‘stunned’ at Trump’s order to take down Suleimani

Source: Screenshot/PBS

People want to know what he was told, and when he learned it.

A new low?

5 things to know about the Roger Stone scandal

Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Just a sprinkle of extortion…

How did we get here?

"They’re wrong': Tucker Carlson calls out the Trump Administration's handling of coronavirus

Source: Screenshot/Mediaite

It is always a weird time when you find yourself agreeing with Tucker Carlson.


Pelosi takes over Trump's leadership after he refuses to discuss coronavirus with her

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

The truth is a difficult concept for those in the current administration.


Maga hats

Source: Screenshot / Business Insider

Doesn’t quite have the same ring…

Not an imaginary threat

20 different types of lies told by Trump and what that says about his motive 2

Source: Screenshot/CBC News

What kind of wall do you build for a virus?


'A chess match with mother nature' in Mississippi

Source: Canva

Who’s intimidated?

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