Twitter outraged at Trump’s tone-deaf ‘Congratulations America’

  • 03/27/2020 2:16 pm ET Samantha Weller
Trump makes unannounced trip to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, gives a speech praising himself


As the coronavirus pandemic worsens in America with the death toll now surpassing 1,000 people, President Trump—who continues to downplay the crisis—Tweeted ‘Congratulations AMERICA’ on Thursday.

Although the Senate finally voted on a $2 trillion virus rescue bill, Trump doesn’t seem to realize he’s sending out congratulations to a country that just saw  13 people die in one day in one NYC hospital and that is reeling from the staggering loss of jobs across the nation

Sadly, America is still far, far away from anywhere close to congratulating anything.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Trump’s ignorant Tweet:

1. Trump’s success

Trump team wants to suppress the unemployment numbers 1

Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Trump seems to react very quickly to fabricated threats, but for some reason doesn’t react fast enough to updates about a global pandemic.

2. Made it to the top

Are you a Socialist? It's impossible not to be. 20 Ways Everyone Uses Socialism Every Day

Unsplash/Nahari Perez Aguilar

Not exactly the top we’d all hope for, but Trump will probably see it as a great accomplishment.

3. A truck full of dead bodies

‘We can get through this together’: These coronavirus heroes are helping thousands receive aid and support 1

Source: Jonathan Schmock (

No new bill can change the fact that this tragic situation just happened.

4. People are dying, but it’s okay because Trump is on Twitter

Man planning to bomb Missouri hospital killed, FBI says


Will anything ever get Trump to stay off Twitter?

6. Nurses are wearing trash bags..major congrats!

10 times Katie Porter has already killed it in 2020 5

Source: Pixabay

Doctors on the front line will probably ‘congratulate America’ when they don’t have to wear trash bags in hospitals…

7. Missing numbers…

Edwards Air Force Base

Did Trump even realize the 96 instead of 100 part? Probably not because he was probably too busy using Twitter.

8. Where is the pandemic response team?

Trump blames Obama for coronavirus


Oh, that’s right.

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