First Trump calls pandemic a hoax. But now it’s a ‘very good job’ if 200,000 die. So Twitter melts down.

'Criminal reckless clown': Trump wants a pat on the back for only killing 100,000 Americans


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It wasn’t so long ago that Trump was shrugging of coronavirus as just another Democratic hoax. Now he is trying to make his big failure look like a success by calling 100,000 deaths a “very good job.”

Twitter was rightfully appalled by Trump’s cavalier attitude regarding the loss of American lives.

His denial cost lives

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The White House

It’s 33 times the 9/11 death toll.

Shifting the blame

'Another brazen attempt to rewrite reality': Trump claims he knew coronavirus was a pandemic even before it was declared one

Source: Flickr/White House

He already told everyone he wasn’t taking any responsibility.

A perfect coronavirus response?

The 14 times Trump broke the law and nothing happened

Source: Flickr/The White House

We know what Trump’s idea of perfect looks like.

It is a horrific number

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Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

He is finally paying attention.

The blood is on his hands

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Source: Twitter / @DonaldJGrumpy

That is 100,000 people.

It’s time for America to stop listening

Trump denies and then declares coronavirus as a pandemic

Source: Screenshot/NPR

The lack of empathy is hard to comprehend.

‘Close to zero’

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Flickr/Gage Skidmore

That is a long way from the zero he was promising last month.

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