Twitter outraged after Trump accuses doctors of stealing and selling face masks

  • 03/31/2020 10:45 am ET Samantha Weller
Here are the groups of people Trump is willing to sacrifice to save the economy


Yes, Trump actually accused healthcare professionals in New York of not only stealing face masks but selling them too.

New York hospitals are flooded with 8,500 people in hospitals and 700 deaths in 15 days, and nurses there currently have such a shortage of face masks that they are resorting to wearing trash bags for protection.

But Trump doesn’t seem to understand the direness of the situation as he said in a press conference on Sunday that he thinks hospitals are stealing masks.

He didn’t have any evidence, but brought up New York hospital’s high demand for supplies and said  “where are the masks going? Are they going out the back door?”

Meanwhile, Twitter is not having it with Trump’s nonsensical accusations:

1. Are we in another universe?

Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 20 ways 3

Source: Canva

Trump’s comments really are out of this world…

2. Shortages of supplies? Must blame everyone!

'Criminal reckless clown': Trump wants a pat on the back for only killing 100,000 Americans



Will he blame someone for lack of ambulances next?

3. Fighting with everything BUT the disease

Coronavirus Reaches Coal Country


Can someone tell Trump he needs to stop fighting with people trying to stop the disease and fight the disease itself?

4. America is definitely great again

Maga hats

Source: Screenshot / Business Insider

The President doesn’t understand why hospitals need supplies during a global pandemic, is this what people had in mind for the country?

5. Not too late to retire

Trump’s new impeachment strategy: pretend like he’s working

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

Maybe Trump will stop blaming people when he retires.

6. Is Trump trying to sell masks?

Trump administration concealed a pandemic threat study

Source: U.S. Department of Treasury

It is weird that he would accuse the people least likely to sell masks of selling them…unless he is the one trying to do that?

7. Trump updates: more blame, no solutions

'Nasty question': Trump attacks journalist who asked what his message for worried Americans was 1

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

Both the coronavirus and Trump updates keep getting scarier…

8. Progress of nothing but blame and havoc

NYC kids allowed to miss school for Climate Strike protest 1

Source: Canva

While NY hospitals continue to flood and deal with the coronavirus outbreak, Trump seems to just keep blaming people for the chaos that has ensued in the city instead of responding to the virus.

From blaming NY hospitals for wanting more ventilators to accusing them of selling face masks-Trump is really leading everyone to think he doesn’t care if New Yorkers die and even has a New York Times report compare his briefings to a ‘create-your-own-reality-show.’

As our President blames others for his lack of leadership during the coronavirus crisis, he is another reminder that we all need to take care of ourselves and can’t rely on anyone during these times.

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