Twitter says what MSM won’t: Trump’s playing favorites with coronavirus supplies

Trump says he always knew coronavirus was a pandemic, simultaneously telling the truth and admitting to lying


President Trump wants you, governors, to kiss his, er, ring.

That’s if they want to get the supplies they need to fight coronavirus. Florida—a key 2020 state with a Republican governor—is receiving everything it asks for. Other states, those that are less important to Trump’s reelection or those whose governors refuse to suck up to Trump, are receiving far less.

While the mainstream media has dutifully transcribed the Trump administration’s explanations for the wildly uneven distribution of supplies, Twitter isn’t having it.

It’s just math?

Einstein at chalkboard

Einstein/F. Schmutzer

Here’s the Washington Post with a skepticism-free take on the formula the Trump administration says it’s using: “25 percent of a state’s requests were fulfilled based on its population and 25 percent on its number of covid-19 cases.”

Sure…Trump’s playing fair

Trump administration concealed a pandemic threat study

Source: U.S. Department of Treasury

And here’s Pro Publica, reporting as if Trump would never put his thumb on the scales: “While it may appear like the federal government is playing favorites, federal officials said their decisions were based on their best assessment of relative needs.”

Twitter isn’t fooled


Wikimedia/Rishikesh Iokar

Twitter knows that if Trump calls your governor a snake, then Trump is going to delay the provision of medical supplies.

It is his responsibility

Coronavirus live updates: Trump wants to open things up by Easter, Prince Charles tests positive, America could become the virus epicenter 1

Screenshot/New York Times

Twitter isn’t afraid to say that Trump’s withholding of medical supplies in Illinois means there’s “Blood on Trump’s hands.”


Trump admin. sent health workers to receive infected Coronavirus patients without protective gear

Source: Pixabay

Maine Twitter doesn’t pull any punches. Trump’s “failure to use DPA power” will create big problems.

She has a name

MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Wikimedia/1st Lt. Andrew Layton, U.S. Air National Guard

Twitter and Gov. Whitmer call it as they see it: Trump’s malice is behind the failure to get supplies to Michigan and other states that need them.

He holds a grudge

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo suspends student, medical debt during coronavirus crisis

Source: Flickr/Pat Arnow

MSM coverage of Trump continues to miss the mark, but Twitter nails it, saying that Trump’s decision-making regarding New York is based on old grudges, his damaged psyche, and his profound insecurity.

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