‘Like Herbert Hoover and Nero had a baby’: Twitter mocks Trump after Secret Service buys $45k in golf carts

  • 04/02/2020 3:47 pm ET Samantha Weller
In the midst of a global pandemic, the Secret Service focuses on getting more golf carts for Trumps

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We’re all in the middle of a global pandemic, but don’t worry, the Secret Service just ordered more golf carts.

As US coronavirus cases have passed 200,000 with over 4,000 deaths, Trump’s Secret Service signed a $45,000 contract to rent golf carts near Trump’s golf course in Sterling, Virginia to protect a “dignitary” there.

It’s an emergency

'Like Herbert Hoover and Nero had a baby': Twitter mocks Trump after Secret Service buys $45k in golf carts


The Secret Service described this as an “emergency order” but a Secret Service spokeswoman claims it was only described that way “to signal a need for expedited handling of the procurement due to deadlines within the agency’s business processes,” according to a report from Washington Post.

The White House and the Trump Organization declined to comment.

Dreaming of greens

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Trump has not played golf since the coronavirus pandemic started and some of his golf clubs have had to close.

But despite Virginia now having a stay-at-home-order, golf courses have been allowed to stay open in the state…as long as golfers stay 6 feet apart.

Members of clubs were told to not share golf carts and to practice social distancing, and the general manager wrote in an email to members that “golf is an excellent avenue for exercise, camaraderie and provides a much-needed distraction.”

A hard day’s work

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It appears that not even a global pandemic will stop Trump from golfing.

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