The pro-Biden ad Fox News doesn’t want you to see

Trump and Biden face off on a dramatically altered political landscape

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A new pro-Biden ad starkly criticizes Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and the right-wing media isn’t pleased about it.

The video, titled “Crisis comes,” starts, “Crisis comes to every presidency.” It shows past presidents during defining moments, including the famed “situation room” shot of Biden and Obama during the strike that killed bin Laden.

Then, it reminds viewers Trump fired the U.S. pandemic response team, failed to contain the virus, and called it a “new hoax” and

The conclusion states that Trump “failed” the crisis that came to him.

Fox News wouldn’t run it—but we will:

A powerful ad

‘Unite the Country’

TikTok user illustrates wealth gap—using rice 6

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The video was released by a PAC called “Unite the Country.” It’s run by several strategists who have worked on Biden’s past presidential bids.

According to the PAC, Fox News refused to air the ad:

Republican and Democrats together

The pro-Biden ad Fox News doesn't want you to see

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As New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones pointed out, the video is aimed toward a Republican audience:

That Unite the Country wanted to air it on Fox News supports this theory, as do some of the early images. While talking about past presidents, pictures of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush flash onscreen.

Of course, both of them have checkered records—to put it kindly—when it comes to how they handled emergencies. The Reagan administration’s refusal to address the AIDS crisis contributed to thousands of deaths, particularly within the LGBTQ community. And Bush’s delayed response to Hurricane Katrina was heavily criticized, even at the time.

So why include their pictures? Well, as Unite the Country’s name suggests, they want people of all parties to come together to defeat Trump. Showing Republican presidents who have also handled crises is likely part of their strategy. They’re willing to implicitly praise those presidents because they’re not anti-Republican; they’re anti-Trump.

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