‘Fox News cheats’: Twitter explains how you pay Fox even if you don’t watch it—and how you can stop

  • 04/02/2020 12:11 pm ET Sabrina Matthews
How to not let a FOX NEWS ADDICT ruin your Thanksgiving this year...GUARANTEED!

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TV networks have to make their money off of advertising—or so you may think. Fox News ad revenue has declined sharply, but they still make plenty of money directly from television viewers.

Would you like to know how they do it? Would you like to stop paying Fox News?

Angelo Carusone, president of the progressive media watchdog Media Matters for America (MMA), is on Twitter to deliver a Master Class on how Fox is making money from you…even if you aren’t a viewer.

1. Fox News is already in need of new advertisers.

TikTok user illustrates wealth gap—using rice

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The network has been searching for new advertisers ever since protesters began to demonstrate outside of Fox and boycott the brands which advertised on the network.

2. Tucker Carlson’s plummeting ad revenue

Tucker Carlson runs 'protection racket' says GOP donor adviser. 'You pay him or you become a target'

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“Tucker Carlson Tonight” lost dozens of advertisers in 2019. Angelo provides us with a chart showing the drop, including some key factors, like when Carlson opened his show by saying immigration makes America “dirtier.”

3. Fewer ads = less money

Money Cash Dollars

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There are still commercial breaks on Tucker’s show, but large parts of these breaks are eaten up by non-paid content, like PSAs or Fox in-house commercials.

4. Tucker isn’t the only loser at Fox.

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Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have also lost advertisers to boycotts, plus Hannity’s show may lose revenue because of being regularly beaten in the Neilsen ratings by The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

5. Does Fox News even need advertisers?

Cruz, Cornyn and Graham rake in $160,000 from judicial nominees in pay-to-play scheme

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Angelo Carusone says that Fox could survive on zero income from advertising because Fox cheats the system to make everyone who watches TV pay them directly.

6. Wait, how is it I am paying for Fox News to be on the air?

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MMA’s Carusone explains those hidden fees on your cable bill.

7. Fox News pressures their viewers so they can get your money.

Fox News personalities have enriched themselves and Trump by speaking at his properties

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Fox News has negotiated high value deals with most network distributors. But it’s not just their negotiating skills; they lie to viewers to get their support.

8. You may not watch Fox, but you’re paying for it.

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Because of the deals Fox has been able to make with distributors, all cable subscribers subsidize Fox News salaries.

— Angelo Carusone (@GoAngelo) March 31, 2020

9. Want to stop paying Fox News? Boycott their advertisers.

Twitter mocks Eric Trump for claiming 30,000 attended his dad's rally at a stadium that only holds 8,600

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Fox is currently negotiating over half of their contracts with providers, and pushing to make even more money directly from all television viewers. This is the time to put pressure on companies to push back against them, and Angelo is laying out the plan.

10. Call your cable company.

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Reach out to your cable provider and tell them you don’t want to pay for Fox News in your cable bill. Make Fox News actually rely on ads for revenue and watch how fast they will change their programming.

15/ b) Cable Fees — Tell cable providers to stop forcing all of us to pay Fox News such a wildly inflated amount fee, let even consider jacking that up as much as they are trying. Make Fox News actually rely on ads for revenue, watch how fast they changehttps://t.co/SVNXdac464

The sooner the better.
— Angelo Carusone (@GoAngelo) March 31, 2020

11. Join a lawsuit.

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Carusone predicts that there will be lawsuits against Fox News for the damage caused by their misinformation. Like the way they misled viewers about the coronavirus…

12. After all, we already know they lied about global climate change.

Flooding from climate change threatens Trump’s border wall 1


MediaMattersforAmerica has already gotten their hands on proof that on-air personalities at Fox were instructed to cast doubt on climate science.

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