The best anti-Trump ad you’ll see this week demolishes his deadly pandemic dawdling

Trump uses "criminal" ploy, military action to cover up coronavirus failures 1

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A new ad put out by the Hometown Values PAC slams Trump’s approach to coronavirus.

Hometown Values pro-Biden ad takes aim at Trump’s lack of urgency throughout this crisis—from when he told reporters “I’m not concerned” through the times he claimed his administration would do something “later.”

The powerful ad ends with the declaration, “We need leadership. Now!” And as we show, Twitter whole-heartedly agrees.

‘Who’s got the right approach?’

Trump trial trouble: Right-wing media asked every GOP Senator about voting to remove Trump. Only 7 ruled it out

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With the current administration’s failure to contain the virus, people are looking elsewhere for leadership.

Twitter agrees.

True leadership

Republicans now claim they actually want to look at corruption in Ukraine, after a sham trial.

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Trump’s fumbling shouldn’t overshadow the actions of the real leaders.

Trump’s vanity comes first

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Secret Service focuses on getting more golf carts for Trumps

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Trump has expressed his desire to sign the stimulus checks and is apparently excited by the extremely high cost of the entire package. He reportedly said, “I never signed anything with a T on it.”

We need leadership now! This needs to stop!!!

'Criminal reckless clown': Trump wants a pat on the back for only killing 100,000 Americans


Trump claimed his administration will have done a “very good job” if the death toll is less than 200,000. His attitude towards this devastating loss of American lives rightfully has people shouting for true leadership.

Someone take the reins

The 20 Republican incumbents in 2020 for Senate


Trump has repeatedly put the state of the economy above the health of the American public. His failure to act has people searching for others to take the lead and protect the health of the people.

The supply chain

Here are the groups of people Trump is willing to sacrifice to save the economy


Many of the healthcare workers on the front lines are relying on homemade masks and wearing rain ponchos and garbage bags in place of proper PPE.

Help us

'Like Herbert Hoover and Nero had a baby': Twitter mocks Trump after Secret Service buys $45k in golf carts


The stress and worry over coronavirus have some Twitter users begging for help.

The curve has not been flattened

Shocking charts of coronavirus spread

Screenshot/Financial Times

The experts stressed the importance of “flattening the curve” but the lack of leadership has made it near impossible.

Get him out

'Nasty question': Trump attacks journalist who asked what his message for worried Americans was 1


It is past time to try a new approach.

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