These 5 viral videos are all devastating anti-Trump attack ads

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As more and more people come to realize just how terribly the President has bungled the country’s coronavirus response, the coronavirus attack ads are being churned out at a more rapid pace.

All of them point out how Trump has fumbled his response which is ultimately causing the death of thousands of Americans.

Here are the top five most powerful and thought-provoking ads:

Trump’s coronavirus calendar — The Recount

'Another brazen attempt to rewrite reality': Trump claims he knew coronavirus was a pandemic even before it was declared one

Flickr / White House

The Recount, a “video-first political media brand,” has created a devastating clap back ad that slams his downplaying of a global pandemic.

The ad sent social media into a frenzy with the way it collected all of Trump’s lies in a calendar format.

‘We need leadership. Now!’— Hometown Values

'We don't want golfing': As stocks plunge, Jim Cramer, CNBC slam Trump for lack of coronavirus leadership 2

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

This pro-Biden ad put out by the Hometown Values PAC questions Trump’s lackadaisical approach to coronavirus.

Hometown Values takes aim at the lack of urgency —highlighting things like Trump telling reporters “I’m not concerned” and when he claimed his administration would do something “later.”

It ends with a declaration: “We need leadership. Now!”

Who has the right approach on this crisis?

Posted by Hometown Values on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

One week later — Priorities USA

'ABSURD PARASITE' sends out cease and desists to stop new Priorities USA ad


This 30-second ad created by Priorities USA, a Democratic super PAC, condemns Trump for claiming coronavirus was a “hoax” and then standing by while thousands and thousands of people were infected.

The visual of the graph ticking up with each new infection while Trump praises himself makes for a powerful visual. So powerful, in fact, the Trump campaign threatened legal action against stations that aired the spot.

Trump’s corona timeline — The Other 98%

Trump’s new impeachment strategy: pretend like he’s working

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

The Other 98% put together this timeline of Trump’s actions since coronavirus became a threat.

It seems a good chunk of Trump’s time has been spent on the golf course…

Trump's Corona Timeline

Posted by The Other 98% on Thursday, April 2, 2020

‘Crisis comes’ — Unite the Country

Trump uses "criminal" ploy, military action to cover up coronavirus failures 1

Flickr / van huy nguyen

Unite the Country is looking to bring all political parties under the single goal of defeating Trump in 2020. The ad discusses the fact that many presidents have served in a time of crisis, but none of them have botched the response quite as terribly as Donald Trump.

Fox News refused to play it on their network.

Bonus Video!!! Shocking corona charts — Carl Cameron

Support for Trump impeachment rises as 59% say he pursued personal interests in Ukraine

Source: Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Carl Cameron, ex-Fox reporter and Front Page Live co-founder, slammed Trump’s “hunch”-based approach to dealing with the pandemic.

Using shocking charts, Cameron highlights the key differences between the way the President and Governor Cuomo of New York are handling the crisis.

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