A modern M*A*S*H? These new mobile hospitals for coronavirus will be adorned with art

  • 04/06/2020 11:05 pm ET Stacy Whittle

Amplifier / JUPE

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You may remember the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals of the TV series and movie M*A*S*H.

Well, America needs mobile hospital units now more than ever—but ones more hospitable than the U.S. Army’s.

So JUPE HEALTH has joined forces with design lab Amplifier to launch a partnership to bring healing to the nation during the coronavirus crisis. Winners of Amplifier’s global art competition will not only win $1000, but their art will become the canvas for JUPES’ health care units.

“The idea is to inform, inspire, and support first responders with dignity and respect.”

JUPE HEALTH was born out of the thinking about the second phase of the coronavirus pandemic.  Amplifier’s global art competitions were created out of the belief that art can heal, art can save lives, and art can bring people together even while we are apart. It can be a compass to guide us through this storm. 

So how will this partnership work, anyway?  JUPE Health’s sleeping pods are a blank canvas designed for doctors, nurses, and patients, so why not design them using art that recognizes the efforts of healthcare workers on the front lines. Hence the Jupe/Amplifier partnership was born. 

Rather than focusing on the PPE issue, JUPE realized that when COVID-19 leaves urban centers and hits rural areas where there is a lack of health infrastructure, they needed to be ready with the infrastructure to take care of patients. JUPE’s rapidly deployed shelters are “built for the healthcare worker’s rest and the patient’s recovery, designed by leading healthcare professionals and mobile shelter experts. At 1/30th the cost of a hospital room. Designed and built for doctors by doctors. Shipped anywhere.”

With innovation, entrepreneurship, and the American spirit, JUPE and Amplifier are working together to inform and inspire while supporting first responders. The partnership will bring dignity and respect to those endangering their lives on the front lines of the pandemic.

Healing the Country Together

Aiming to provide easily transportable and cost-effective recovery spaces for medical professionals, the JUPE REST units offer bedding solutions and rest areas for those health care workers on the front lines. These rapid-deployment recovery spaces can be transported around the country to supplement the hospital spaces.

By partnering with Amplifier, the JUPE REST units will also be able to uplift and inspire by showcasing art pieces submitted by a “global community of artists.” In addition to being featured on the recovery spaces, all submitted pieces of art are eligible for the $1000 prize. At least 50 artists will be chosen as winners.

Join the Community

If you would like to help uplift and inspire the nation, you can start by voting on the pieces that have already been submitted. Then get busy creating some art of your own.

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