‘This is ridiculous!’ Wisconsin’s 5-hour in-person voting during a pandemic



'This is ridiculous!' Wisconsin's 5-hour in person voting during a pandemic

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Patrick Henry’s immortal words, “Give me liberty or give me death” seems to be the GOP mantra for Wisconsin. The state’s voters waited in 5-hour lines because Wisconsin’s Republican-dominated legislature insisted that the election goes on during a pandemic.

One person on line — wearing the ubiquitous face mask — was holding a large sign that said, “This is ridiculous!”

Whoever said “Cheaters never prosper” has never been to Milwaukee

As of Monday afternoon, there have been 2,440 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Wisconsin, along with 77 deaths. Both numbers will invariably be higher by the time you read this sentence. Unfortunately, the GOP loves election cheating like a puppy loves rawhide. The corrupt state politicians made citizens choose between voting and health – and the health of those around them.

What’s 600,000 divided by 5?

Because people don’t like dying, most poll workers – who are often elderly – have understandably said that they won’t be volunteering on election day. That means that the city of Milwaukee – with a population of 600,000 – had just five polling places open. Five. Down from 180. And in case you didn’t know, Milwaukee is a Democratic stronghold. At least it was pre-corona.

‘If I do die of this stupid virus because I took part in an ill-advised election, I want people to know: You have my complete permission to politicize my death,” says one volunteer poll worker in Wisconsin.

What about the mail?

What about it? Republicans said no to Democratic Governor’s Tony Evers’s proposal to automatically mail ballots to every voter in the state. It’s attitudes like this that have enabled Republicans to lose the popular vote in Wisconsin (48.6%) but take the majority of the state seats (61%). It’s like magic! Only with cheating.

This clip explains the GOP voting-by-mail hypocrisy. They know without suppression they lose bigly.


Absentees are absent

As of election day, many voters had STILL not received their absentee ballots — due to the increased demand. Some, such as Ericka Tucker, requested her ballot over three weeks ago and finally received it on Monday — but because the city had sent her the wrong ballot it was useless.

To add to the mess, a federal district judge had ruled that all ballots would count as long as they were received by April 13th. Then the U.S. Supreme Court overruled the decision and said all ballots must be postmarked by April 7th or they would be thrown out — leaving ballot-less voters to choose to vote in long lines with a virus stalking them or just to sit out the election and preserve their health.

Pandemic purges peaking

It gets worse. Wisconsin’s GOP now has free reign to purge close to a quarter of a million more voters from the rolls with a little trick called “voter caging.” Here’s how that scam works. The state sends letters to registered voters (mostly in Democratic-leaning districts! I know, shocking!). Anyone who doesn’t respond to the letters is assumed to have moved away and can no longer vote. The Republicans are so evil I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even bother sending out the letters in the first place.

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