Army awards $8 million no-bid contract to dubious ‘MAGA-friendly’ firm to build just 800 feet of wall

Who needs ventilators or jobs when we can build walls? Army awards $7.6 million to Dakota firm during the pandemic

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What does America need most right now? A wall, apparently.

There is a critical shortage of COVID-19 testing kits. Over 70% of inmates in one Ohio prison tested positive for COVID-19. Thousands of families across the nation are still waiting for their relief paychecks. Unemployment numbers keep rising.

Yet…Trump has found the time to award a staggering $7,633,085 to Fisher Sand & Gravel Company of North Dakota, a “MAGA-friendly” firm, as The Daily Beast explained.

That’s a lot of money

Money Cash Dollars


Where will these much-needed millions go? To building a mere 800 feet of wall in Arizona.

Under investigation

Construction company rejected for not meeting standards gets $400m border wall contract after Trump endorsement

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The company is under an ongoing investigation by the Pentagon. Trump was told the Company “did not meet the operational requirements of U.S Customs and Border Protection and its prototype project came in late and over budget.”

In other words, it stank of corruption and inefficiency. Nonetheless, the Trump administration saw fit to award a $400 million contract to Fisher Sand & Gravel Company.

He’s a Fox darling

How to not let a FOX NEWS ADDICT ruin your Thanksgiving this year...GUARANTEED!

Canva / Fox News

Tommy Fisher, the president of the company, frequently sings Trump’s praises on Fox News. Coincidence?

Scott Amey of the Project on Government Oversight warned that the Army might want to wait before throwing more money at Fisher’s company:

“While favoritism in federal contracting is prohibited, Fisher seems to be favored by President Trump and others inside the Defense Department, despite a questionable track record and past experience history.”

Did Trump not get the memo about the pandemic?

Coronavirus Reaches Coal Country


Mississipi Representative Bennie G. Thompson slammed the decision.

 “Last time I checked, the inspector general has not yet determined if the December 2019 Fisher contract was properly awarded and the country is still facing a pandemic and largely under lockdown.”

The Army Corps of Engineers has dished out at least $1.3 billion in contracts to build walls — and that is just since late February or around the time when the coronavirus hit the nation. As Rep. Thompson suggested, “Army Corps resources should be put to better use responding to the coronavirus pandemic we are still facing”.

Hear, hear.

It’s all about that wall.

‘These actions raise concerns’: another case of Trump inappropriately persuading decisions for a border wall


Who has the time or money to manufacture ventilators, medical protective gear, or address the unfolding unemployment crisis? Not the Army Corps of Engineers — there is far too much wall to build!

On Tuesday, they awarded a $569 million contract to BFCB, a Republican favorite, for “17.7” miles of the border wall.

But wait, there’s more

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On February 28, Southwest Valley contractors got $175 million for that all-important work on the wall in Texas. It was not enough, apparently, so they got a further $524 million on March 23.

On April 3, the United States had over 270,000 cases of the coronavirus. FEMA pledged $1.1 billion to New York City for medical supplies. Oh, and another construction company SLSCO got $61 million towards the wall in Mexico. The coronavirus can’t climb over walls, right?

Let’s not forget the $12,613,244 that BFCB got on March 9 for sections of the wall in Yuma.

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