Just to punish blue states, Moscow Mitch would drive all states into bankruptcy—including Kentucky

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Mitch McConnell is happy to let all the states go bankrupt if it means he can punish a few blue ones along the way. Meanwhile, his own state of Kentucky is begging for some relief.

Having pushed his $310 billion package through the Senate for additional small business loans, Mitch is done for the day. When asked about other issues that require funding, he responded that regarding the “national debt…we need to be as cautious as we can be.”

His ‘fiscal responsibility’

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McConnell outlined what his “fiscal responsibility” might look like.

“I would certainly be in favor of allowing states to use the bankruptcy route,” he told conservative radio jock Hugh Hewitt. Specifically, Mitch “would not be in favor of” helping blue states financially.

Kentucky is among the highest recipients of federal support

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On average, blue states are already less dependent on federal funding. Furthermore, the states McConnell and Hewitt picked on, California, Illinois, and Connecticut, are among the fifteen states that take the LEAST money from the federal government. (They were also among the first nine to issue stay at home orders.)

And where does McConnell’s home state of Kentucky rank? Number FIVE. That’s right, only four states receive more federal funding than Mitch’s. And that those aren’t even coronavirus-related funds.

McConnell’s home state is struggling even harder while contending with the pandemic. Louisville lawmakers are currently turning to their federal representatives looking for “general fund relief” so that they don’t have to “cut the services” people depend on. Apparently, he’s willing to sacrifice is own constituents if it means he gets to stick it to the Democrats.

Mitch thinks this plan is fine for now

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Moscow Mitch says “We need to see how things are working, see what needs to be corrected.” Since small business loans are the only part of the CARES Act he seems willing to revisit, does he think that not-so-small businesses that walked away with CARES Act money is the way it should work?

Or perhaps McConnell thinks states could come out of bankruptcy like Donald Trump, a man who has enriched himself through five corporate bankruptcies. Trump stiffed his contractors; who does Mitch think will foot the bill if a state goes bankrupt?

It’s Nancy’s turn.

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Fortunately, the House has to pass this bill too, so they have the chance to add in everything Moscow Mitch didn’t prioritize, like COVID-19 infection testing, personal protective equipment (PPE) for all essential workers, funding the Postal Service, legislating loan moratoriums—oh, and a fund for state and local governments.

Back to work.

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Meanwhile, McConnell plans to get back to the only work he thinks is important: pushing the nation’s courts toward a conservative bias.

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