Donald Trump is back to calling the press an ‘Enemy of the People.’ Twitter fights back.

  • 04/28/2020 9:36 am ET Sabrina Matthews
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Apparently unhappy with the way he sees himself portrayed in the hours of TV news he watches, Donald Trump has trotted out his “Enemy of the People” trope to bash the press. This is one of the catchy phrases that the president used in his pre-COVID-19 rallies to whip his followers into a frenzy; today it’s doing the same for Twitter.

All the best people agree.

Kim Jong Un does photo shoot on horseback and vows to overcome US sanctions

Twitter / @SomeYucks

I guess when you’re in love, everything your lover says just sounds right.

Trump and Kim are in good company.

The comparisons continue…

S.Korea accuses N.Korea of firing missiles amid pandemic

The White House

A lot of Twitter actually saw the correlation between Trump and the North Korean dictator.

Too much time on his hands.

We're screwed, 2020 Edition


Trump got angry about a story he read in the New York Times (which he claims to never read) about him rolling in to work at noon. He just had to tweet.

But it doesn’t take the Times to prove his business hours. US Marines guard the Pennsylvania entrance to West Wing when the president is in his office. For most of Trump’s presidency—including during this pandemic—they rarely arrive before noon. So either the MARINES are showing up late, or…

Look at what Trump’s NOT doing.

"Make you better, quicker?": Trump doesn't know what a vaccine is


Let’s not forget that this is a president who has never taken daily briefings from experts. “I don’t have to be told,” Trump says. Neither does anyone who lives in a fantasy.

Working hard for the money?

A 'brazen attack':Trump wants to cut disability benefits for hundreds of thousands of people

Screenshot / YouTube

Trump is so upset about this that his lackeys are trotting out to talk about how hard he’s working (now that it’s hard to golf).

But Donald is sure that he works harder than those slacker presidents who shepherded lame stuff like going to the moon or helping the allies win two World Wars.

Is there an enemy of the people?

150,000 of us voted by mail in the Civil War -- let's not have corona deaths at the ballot box

Unsplash / Rick Lobs

Because not everyone is so sure it’s the free press.

If there is an enemy, it isn’t the free press.

While coronavirus distracts, governments strip civil liberties


Given the froth from Trump’s follower’s on this topic, it just needs to be said.

Fact-based news is the enemy of LIES.

White House censors coronavirus briefing. Twitter implodes. 1


The whole point of a free press is to make people aware of what is going on. No matter where you live, silencing the press just perpetuates ignorance.

Silencing the press just perpetuates ignorance

White House censors coronavirus briefing. Twitter implodes.


A well-informed public required a free press.

Enemy of the People is trending.

THEN AND NOW: Fox personalities who suddenly changed their tune about coronavirus 4

Source: Flickr/Wikimedia

A 2018 poll has resurfaced that showed nearly half of Republicans think the president should be able to shut down news sources for “bad behavior.” But nearly everyone agreed that a free press is necessary for the survival of American democracy (85%) and that free speech is an essential American value (88%).

So “bad behavior” is going to have to be pretty bad. Like maybe pushing an untested coronavirus treatment over 300 times.

In the White House, a snake is eating its own tail.

Donald Trump is back to calling the press an "Enemy of the People." Twitter fights back.

Pixabay / Faizal Sugi

In his latest battle with the media, Trump is giving the press the silent treatment. Initially, the Monday afternoon White House coronavirus briefing was canceled until it was added back on the daily schedule later in the day.   How long can that last?

While meanwhile, in the real world.

People Population World


Trump can’t fake news away what’s happening now.

A free press is one of the foundations of our nation—not the enemy of the people.

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