The top ways the Earth is healing in the midst of a global pandemic


On the year of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, many are in doubt and fear as the coronavirus crisis has impacted the entire world, however, there is a positive side as the Earth is healing.

As millions are staying inside due to the coronavirus outbreak, animals, as well as the water and air quality have been improving.  Even though it’s only been around 1 month of lockdown for many countries, the Earth has already drastically improved its health in multiple ways.

Here are some of the top ways the Earth has been healing lately:

Animals aren’t sheltering, and are thriving

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While millions of people are staying indoors, animals are not and are finding that they are able to roam anywhere now. Lions are napping in roads, animals are exploring cities, and are generally more at peace.

Animals currently are getting a break from people, as many experts are saying that animals are coming out of hiding. “With Yosemite and other parks closed to tourists, wildlife is coming out of hiding, and indeed, even thriving in our absence, reclaiming some of the places that have been dominated by human activity for decades,” Beth Pratt, National Wildlife Federation’s regional executive director for California, said according to a report on CNN.

But this isn’t the only way animals are benefiting.

Reduced noise levels


Scientists have found that social distancing has reduced seismic noise, according to Forbes.

Reduced noise levels are beneficial to animals as they may have higher reproductive success, don’t need to migrate as often, and also have fewer deaths. Additionally, the reduction in noise creates fewer vibrations in the Earth’s crust, and also makes it easier for scientists to accurately detect earthquakes and other seismic activity.

For people, the reduction in noise levels goes beyond just having peace and quiet, as exposure to high levels of noise pollution can be harmful to health. According to an article in Forbes, exposure to constant noise pollution has links to higher stress levels caused by disrupted sleep and high blood pressure, heart disease, and hearing loss. In places such as New York City, 9 out of 10 adults could be exposed to noise levels that the EPA considers harmful.

In addition to reduced noise pollution, air pollution is the next way the Earth is healing.

Air pollution is going down

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Photos around the world of places such as Los Angeles, New York City, Milan, and New Delhi, prove that the air quality has already drastically improved since lockdown took place.

According to a report on CNBC, satellite data from NASA showed that atmospheric levels of nitrogen dioxide air pollution went down by 30% in March compared to the levels around the same time last year.

Although scientists are saying the effects could dissipate once the coronavirus crisis ends, now is the time for everyone to appreciate having cleaner air, and the past month of cleaner air has allowed a major change to the ozone layer.

The Ozone layer has fixed itself


With reduced pollution, it appears the Earth has been able to fix the ozone layer according to a report from India Times that says scientists confirm that the hole has closed.

The hole was understood to be a result of low temperatures at the north pole, and if it had managed to move south with the air current, it could have been a huge threat to humans.

The fight for a clearer Earth will never end

With coronavirus, we need Earth Day more than ever


To prevent charities from struggling, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a £750 million ($935 million) package to help charities during the pandemic. As some people find new ways to reconnect with nature, the global pandemic has proven that in just a small amount of time, huge changes have occurred in nature.

While no one can predict how long the pandemic will last, or how well people will be able to continue helping the Earth heal after the pandemic ends, there is always a positive side to even global pandemics like the coronavirus crisis.  At least on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, nature is thriving and changing for the better.

One fact is for sure, and that is no matter what happens after the pandemic, people will never stop fighting for a cleaner and better Earth.

Water quality is improving


Around the world, water quality has been improving.

The Ganga River has improved so much that the water is safe to drink, the Venice canals are so clear that fish can be seen, and oceans are largely benefiting as a report from Environment Journal says the reduced levels of emissions in the ocean could help it improve “by slowing the warming of our Earth and ocean acidification,” as the ocean has more time to “adapt to these changes,” according to Environmental Journal.

Scientists do not yet know how long these benefits will last or continue. Nick Schroeck, an environmental law expert at the University of Detroit Mercy, says “it’s crucial to preserve these gains with ecologically-conscious choices and policies.”


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