Trump’s pandemic flailing now threatens GOP control of Senate, new polls reveal

  • 05/06/2020 4:28 pm ET Samantha Weller
A slew of bad polling reveals GOP control of Senate is at risk


New polls show that Democrats are getting ahead of Republicans in many competitive Senate races.

Statistics are showing that in the crucial states of Montana, North Carolina, Arizona, Maine, Iowa, and Kansas, Democrats are leading 5 of the 6.

Some of the biggest leads are in Arizona, where Democratic frontrunner Mark Kelly beats Republican Sen. Martha McSally by 8 points. In North Carolina, Democrat Cal Cunningham beat Republican Sen. Thom Tillis by 9 points. In the state the Democrats didn’t win, Iowa, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst beat Democrat Theresa Greenfield by just one point.

One of the reasons the Democrats are gaining so much traction in the races is because more and more people are recognizing Trump’s poor handling of the coronavirus—including Republicans. It is decreasing the support for his re-election and thus having an effect down ballot.

Besides the disapproval of Trump’s leadership during the global pandemic, the GOP also faces the challenge of Biden’s campaign. Joe Biden‘s resurgence as the presumptive nominee has given the Democrats an advantage by creating more ways for the Democrats to beat Trump, Jessica Taylor of Cook Political Report told Axios.

Although Democrats are gaining momentum in many of the Senate races, they will still have to flip five of eight competitive seats with a Republican incumbent to win control of the Senate. According to Axios, Democratic Sen. Doug Jones’ seat in Alabama presents the most likely flip for the GOP.

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