60 quarantined Secret Service agents—Trump is surrounded by the virus

This CDC guide on how to reopen the country safely was supposed to 'never see the light of day'

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

Here’s another little tidbit the Trump administration wanted to keep secret.

The Secret Service now has a collection of coronavirus—11 active cases, 60 in self-quarantine, and 23 others who have recovered. Hopefully, none of the infected have self-medicating with disinfectant on their to-do lists.

Here’s who else has it, which is invariably the tip of the pandemic iceberg.

The wife of the Czar of racism

‘We will not rest until you resign': 8 Jewish groups insist cruel, racist, antisemitic Stephen Miller must go

Screenshot / YouTube

Katie Miller, Mike Pence’s press secretary and the wife of Stephen Miller, has also tested positive for the virus. While they might be immune from the truth and justice… corona don’t care.

The valet

Former Republican speechwriter: Trump chooses more death to save himself

Joint Chiefs of Staff / Dominique A. Pineiro

President Trump’s personal valet tested positive. He’s a member of the Navy that works intimately with the President inside the White House and is responsible for serving Trump his meals and Diet Cokes throughout the day. Who knows how many others he may have infected.

No respect for our military heroes

Over 1000 military veterans: Trump's firing of Army officer who testified against him 'an affront to Constitution'


Just ONE DAY after his personal valet tested positive, Trump went maskless around WW II vets, saying that they’re too “pure” to catch the virus. Incidentally, even if he tested negative that doesn’t guarantee anything. There’s a 14.8% rate of false negatives.

Does a worse example for a leader in a pandemic exist? He doesn’t practice social distancing. He doesn’t wear a mask. He simply doesn’t care.

You reap what you sow

‘It’s already happening here’: Trump, GOP killing democracy, warns Nobelist Krugman

Unsplash / Visuals

Trump showed up at the Honeywell mask factory in goggles. Yes, goggles.

The  President says he doesn’t want to wear a mask because of sheer vanity. He fears looking “ridiculous” in a mask more than he fears killing another 79,000 on his incompetent watch.

Today’s lesson

Trump suggests we shoot up disinfectants. Twitter erupts. 1

Canva / HiClipart

He can lie to the press. He can lie to his voters. He can even lie to your staff…but he can’t lie to a virus.

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