Jobs for Good - 5/13/2020

  • 05/13/2020 1:18 pm ET Stacy Whittle

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In today’s connected society there are more and more opportunities to bring your values to work. Tomorrow’s workforce knows that what you do at your job everyday can now be integrated with what you believe.

So stand up for what you believe when you collect your paycheck! Here are seven ideas of how to help the Democratic Party win the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Trump is not making America great. Enough is enough.

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Jobs for Good - 2/1/2020 1#1: Field Organizer Biden 2020 | Multiple Locations      Listing

Former vice president Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is seeking energetic and passionate individuals to join his robust staff. In addition to hiring out of his campaign headquarters in Philadelphia, Biden seeks field organizers to manage volunteers and canvassing events throughout the country.

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 #2: White House Reporter     Bloomberg News | Washington, D.C.      Listing

The Bloomberg Washington bureau is hiring an experienced journalist to cover the Trump administration in the capacity as a White House Reporter. Educate Americans on what happens in the White House with Trump in office.


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#3: Digital Programs Director     Voter Participation Center | Washington, D.C.      Listing

Voter turnout is crucial in ensuring all voices are heard in a democratic election. This year, should social distancing  efforts continue, efforts to increase voter turnout will be especially important in order to ensure seniors and the immunocompromised are heard.


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Jobs for Good - 2/1/2020 3#4: State Data Program Lead     Democratic National Party | Remote      Listing

There is perhaps no better way to assist a Democratic candidate than work for the Democratic National Party. While they are several job openings across sectors, the State Data Program Lead offers flexibility as a remote position. The job entails collecting and recording data relevant in the 2020 presidential election.


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#5: Campaign Strategist     American Civil Liberty Union | Washington, D.C. or New York, NY     Listing

The ACLU is hiring an experienced Campaign Strategist to create and achieve goals on government-related topics. Additionally, the job description includes campaign and electoral work in order to further goals related to advocacy.

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#6: Tracker     Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee | Multiple Locations      Listing

While unrelated to the executive branch, help maintain and expand the Democratic House majority through working as a tracker for the DCCC. An excellent way to kickstart a career in political campaigning, this experience requires the Tracker to attend candidate events, media appearances, and rallies and then record them.


Jobs for Good - 2/1/2020 6Jobs for Good - 2/1/2020 6Jobs for Good - 2/1/2020 6
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#7: Vote!   

The best way to ensure that the 2020 presidential election favors your candidate of choice is VOTE in it.


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