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Twitter rips ‘hypocrisy’ of WI Supreme Court nixing governor’s stay-at-home order ‘on a virtual Zoom call’

'Stupid on steroids': Twitter rips into Wisconsin's Supreme Court for striking down governor's safer-at-home order 


Wisconsin’s Supreme Court overturned Gov. Tony Evers’s stay-at-home order Wednesday. In what’s being seen as a significant win for the state’s Republican-majority Legislature, it ruled that the rule was “unlawful” and “unenforceable.”

With Evers’s blessing, the state Department of Health Services had extended the order to May 26 — even calling for school closures for the rest of the academic year. The court, in a 4-3 decision, said that the administration had overreached its authority in doing so.

Risking lives for politics

Healthcare worker looks out a window

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With the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reporting approximately 10,902 coronavirus cases and 421 deaths in the state, Twitter blasted the Supreme Court’s decision for risking American lives for politics.

‘Regular folks’ will suffer

Cartoon drawing of people wearing facemasks


Eric Holder, a former U.S. Attorney General in President Obama’s administration summed it up in one word — “shameful.”

Court is not in session

A golden gavel


A doctor even pointed out the irony of blocking a safer-at-home order on a virtual Zoom call.

Time to party?

People toasting at a party


Others wielded sarcasm as their primary weapon…

Except for the meatpackers

Two workers inside a meat processing plant

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Some of them took the opportunity to point out Wisconsin Chief Justice Patience Roggensack’s “classist” remarks when she blamed meatpacking employees for the rise in COVID-19 cases in the county, not “regular folks.”

Not even close, Becky

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The opposite of political-correctness didn’t end there as Justice Rebecca Bradley drew comparisons of the stay-at-home order to Korematsu and Japanese internment camps during World War II.

Trump chimes in

Trump with a thought bubble above his head with the twitter logo inside

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Twitterati also took a dig at “Millionaire-at-birth” Donald Trump Jr., who celebrated the court’s decision when the U.S. death roll rises past 84,763.

This isn’t the first time that the court has barred Evers’s orders, though. Last month, it blocked the governor’s executive decision to delay the state’s primary — something that other states have done to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

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