‘First president assassinated by his own IQ’: Twitter mocks Trump claim he’s taking hydroxychloroquine

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The President announced Monday that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment against COVID-19. The anti-malarial drug may have dangerous side effects including causing critical heart problems.

At Trump’s announcement, Twitter nearly had a heart attack itself.

First came the memes

A Trump meme


As can be expected, Twitter brought the memes.

Then there was outrage

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The reaction on social media included outrage that the President would encourage the public to take an unproven medication with dangerous side effects.

By touting a risky drug, the President is not only endangering their health but also limiting the supply of hydroxychloroquine for those who actually need it, like people suffering from Lupus disease.

Fox News has a say…

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Trump went too far even for long-time sounding board Fox News, who criticized the “highly irresponsible” move:

“I cannot stress this enough,” warned Neil Cavuto of Fox News, “this will kill you.”

…and Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi holding up her fist

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Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, went even further. She cautioned that the President shouldn’t take hydroxychloroquine because he is “morbidly obese.”


There was also suspicion

Trump with a confused expression on his face

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There was also much speculation that the President was NOT taking hydroxychloroquine. Firstly, he contradicted himself in his announcement, claiming he “had been taking it for weeks”, then in the next sentence, he said, “I’d take it.”

Which is it, Mr. President?

Could he have a vested interest in public support for the drug, given that his family has invested heavily in hydroxychloroquine?

The doctor disagrees

A stethoscope lying on a white surface


A letter from the White House physician that treats the President makes no mention of him actually taking the drug.

Is the President trying to distract us?

Trump standing at a podium


Now that we are all talking about hydroxychloroquine, what has the media shifted their attention away from? Twitter has a theory:

Yes, the President of the United States taking a dangerous drug that has not been approved by the FDA is shocking news.

Don’t let it distract you from the fact Congress has 30 days to reverse Trump’s attempt to silence Inspector General Linick, the links between the President’s family and China, and the administration’s botched handling of the unemployment crisis.

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