New polls reveal Trump’s disapproval rate is higher than any other president at this time

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A majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s job performance, and most think Joe Biden can do better.

Across three different polls conducted recently, Trump’s disapproval rating is at the highest at this point in his presidency than for any other president in modern history.

At the same time, polls show that Americans overwhelmingly sympathize with the protesters who have taken to the streets to bring the lived reality of African Americans to the forefront of the country’s consciousness.

While some presidents may have had lower approval ratings, these first polls measure DISAPPROVAL; that is, the percentage of people who actively see the president as doing a bad job. So as the numbers go up, the news gets worse for Trump.

FiveThirtyEight‘s interactive poll tracker puts Trump’s disapproval rate at a whopping 54%, but both the Politico/Morning Consult and the Rasmussen polls bring even worse news for the president, with their disapproval numbers at 55% and  57% respectively.

The thumping by Rasmussen is particularly significant, as their results are usually among Trump’s most favorable.

Who is more popular than Trump? Biden, for one, and the Black Lives Matter activists.

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So who’s star is on the rise? Well, Joe Biden’s for one — and the Black Lives Matter activists for another several million. A majority of Americans disapprove of Trump, and polls show Biden beating the president.

Fox News shows Biden ahead by 8%, while a Reuters/Ipsos poll puts the gap even higher, with Biden leading Trump by 10% of voters.

A majority of Americans sympathize with Black Lives Matter activism

Side by side photo of George Floyd and protestors

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Polls also show Americans overwhelmingly approve of the demonstrations that are currently sweeping the United States — and overwhelmingly DISAPPROVE of Trump’s response.

As protests continue, another Reuters/Ipsos poll released on June 2 shows that an astronomical 64% of Americans sympathize with those who have taken to the streets, while 55% actively disapprove of Trump’s threats and violence against the activists.

These margins vary between cities that are experiencing the protests and other demographics of the country, but cities, suburbs, and rural areas ALL show a majority of Americans who sympathize with the demonstrators.

More than half of the country disapproves of Trump’s handling of the latest crisis on his watch.

A photograph of National Guard troops blocking access to the Lincoln Memorial.

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The demonstrations, sparked by the murder of George Floyd, an African American man who was seen by millions crying out for help and finally dying under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer, have been largely peaceful, but Donald Trump’s reactions to them have been largely violent and incendiary.

More than half of the country disapproves of his handling of this crisis. From his Tweet that echoed 60’s separatist rhetoric, to having peaceful demonstrators cleared away with tear gas so he could stroll to a church and hold up a Bible for a photo op, to his most recent use of U.S. military troops to police the nation’s capital, Trump’s reactions are rejected by over 55% of those surveyed.

Some protests have included pockets of violence during the night, and people surveyed expressed concern over this small aspect of the movement.

However, the numbers clearly show that people have more sympathy for Black Lives Matter activists than they do for a president who seems willing to turn the U.S. Military on its own citizens.

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