Twitter labels Trump ‘Bunker Bitch’ after devastating ad compares him to Eisenhower

Trump pointing and Eisenhower in uniform

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Oh, how the GOP has fallen. The Lincoln Project’s latest ad contrasts Dwight Eisenhower, a WWII hero and two-term Republican president, with President Trump, who has said he takes no responsibility for policies that are leading to more coronavirus deaths.

Released on D-Day and written by screenwriter John Orloff (The Band of Brothers), the Lincoln Project’s 60-second video focuses on Eisenhower’s understanding that leadership means taking responsibility, even if things go badly. In fact, Eisenhower had prepared a speech in case the 1944 D-Day landing at Normandy had failed.

The Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans who oppose Trump, reminds viewers and voters that the GOP has abandoned its core values. Eisenhower’s integrity is apparent, as is Trump’s cowardice, and the devastating ad drew positive responses from Republicans and Democrats alike.


Reminder: Under Eisenhower, U.S. troops fought AGAINST fascism

Photos of Trump with the words "They turned holy ground into a battleground" superimposed

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Trump used the military and police to wield batons and tear gas against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square so he could have a photo op. Eisenhower led troops to victory over Nazis. The contrast couldn’t be sharper.

Eisenhower was no ‘bunker bitch’

Eisenhower directed U.S. troops in some of the most critical WWII theaters of operation, including North Africa and Italy. His career was marked by a willingness to take risks and take responsibility. Trump, on the other hand, is being called a ‘bunker bitch.’ With peaceful protesters approaching the White House, Trump hid in a bunker and later claimed, absurdly, that he was only there to inspect it.

Bone spurs and ‘bombastic cowardice’

Trump afraid eagle attack


Trump proclaims he is smarter than the generals and calls himself a wartime president. Despite his delusions of military grandeur, Trump is and always will be “Cadet Bone Spurs.” (Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq vet and member of Congress tagged and gave him the damning, and accurate, nickname.)

Don’t just tweet, take action

vote sign with arrow and american flag


The Lincoln Project ad triggered at least two calls to action on Twitter. User @katiebethw1 is donating to the Lincoln Project in honor of her father, a lifelong Republican.

Another Twitter user takes a more direct approach: Vote Trump out of office.

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