‘Bill Barr’s banana republic’: Experts slam AG’s ‘gross abuse’ of power on behalf of Trump

Trump and Barr shaking hands


There’s new evidence that Attorney General William Barr is enabling President Trump’s corruption. A former federal judge writes that the Department of Justice’s support of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who admitted that he lied to the FBI, is “a gross abuse of prosecutorial power.”

Politico reports that John Gleeson, the former judge, asked by the presiding judge to file a friend of the court brief, wrote an 82-page brief that excoriates DOJ, overseen by Attorney General William Barr. Gleeson wrote that DOJ’s arguments were “preposterous,” “not credible,” and “riddled with inexplicable and elementary errors of law and fact.” He concluded:

“They reveal an unconvincing effort to disguise as legitimate a decision to dismiss that is based solely on the fact that Flynn is a political ally of President Trump.”

Gleeson recommended that the court disregard DOJ’s arguments and move quickly to sentence Flynn, who, to repeat, confessed twice to lying to federal investigators.

Barr oversaw attacks on peaceful protesters, walked with Trump for church photo op

Screenshot from an anti-Trump video

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Barr accompanied Trump on his walk through Lafayette Square for an absurd photo op that was ridiculed by faith leaders.

Worse still, Barr was involved in the decision to clear the peaceful protesters out of Lafayette Square. The result was that law enforcement officers used batons and tear gas on citizens and media members exercising their First Amendment rights.

Former colleague called Barr’s enabling of Trump corruption ‘un-American’

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Former deputy attorney general Donald Ayer, who worked with Barr during the George W. Bush administration, called for Barr to resign, writing:

“Bill Barr’s America is not a place that anyone, including Trump voters, should want to go. It is a banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen.”

Barr thinks Trump’s tweets are bad — because they make it harder to enable Trump’s corruption

Cartoon showing Twitter birds coming out of Trump's mouth

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Earlier this year, Barr said he was troubled by some of Trump’s actions, specifically Trump’s tweets. But, as Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski noted, Barr’s mild criticism of Trump wasn’t an authentic effort to improve our democracy.

Barr just wanted a clear path to enable Trump’s corruption. She said:

“It seems what he’s saying is that these tweets make it harder for Bill Barr to help [Trump] be corrupt.”

Going to the ends of the earth to chase down conspiracy theories

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Barr traveled to Italy to meet with intelligence officials and met with British intelligence officials as well — not to track terrorists or investigate human trafficking, but, as the Washington Post reports, to try to undermine the Mueller report on Russian interference in U.S. elections.

Barr also reportedly urged Trump to ask the Australian prime minister to help discredit American intelligence findings.

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