‘Downright despicable’: Veterans slam Trump for placing Confederate ‘traitors’ above a pay raise for our troops

Trump with his arms crossed

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President Trump is threatening to veto a bill that would raise U.S. troops’ pay if Congress requires the Pentagon to remove the names of Confederate generals from military bases. Trump has made a habit of taking norm-shattering racist actions, but cutting military pay to preserve the legacy of traitors may not appeal to his base.

In Tweets riddled with capital letters and exclamation points, Trump declared that he opposes a bipartisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act passed by the GOP-led Senate. The amendment to the NDAA, which funds military operations and includes a 3% raise for troops, requires the Pentagon to remove the names of Confederate generals from military bases, according to the Washington Post.

By opposing the removal of the names, Trump is defying not only Senate Republicans but also Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, both of whom have expressed support for the measure.

Trump also attacked Democrats who support the amendment. He used the “Pocahantas” slur in a tweet aimed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). In that same tweet, he claimed, irrationally, that changing the names of the bases would somehow hamper the ability of the military to train soldiers.

Veterans group: Trump is defending ‘monsters’ and ‘traitors’

A photograph of a row of men in military dress uniforms.


VoteVets is calling out Trump for prioritizing Confederate generals who defended slavery and killed 360,000 Americans instead of prioritizing today’s rank-and-file troops.

Trump is defending people who were pro-slavery in word and deed

In a Twitter thread, VoteVets profiles each of the generals whose names are on military bases, finding that they were incompetent, brutal, and, of course, racist.

One feared that ending slavery would mean the nation would “become another Africa.” One advocated violence to preserve white domination. One said Blacks lacked the intellectual capacity to vote. One fled to Canada to avoid prosecution for war crimes. All committed treason.

Threatening troops’ pay to preserve racism is ‘despicable’


Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq veteran and U.S. Senator, said it’s “despicable” that Trump would threaten the military pay raise to defend traitors and racists.

“It would be shameful enough for the current occupant of the Oval Office to refuse to even consider having the U.S. Military stop honoring traitors who took up arms against America to defend their ability to own, sell and kill Black Americans. But for the Trump White House to threaten vetoing a pay raise for our troops over this is downright despicable.”

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